Play Our Ultimate The Walking Dead Quiz: 50 Difficult Questions

If you know your Negan quotes from your Rick Grimes quips and your Walkers from your Whisperers, test your knowledge on The Walking Dead on AMC in our difficult Walking Dead quiz with 50 questions. 

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The Walking Dead Quiz Questions

Our Ultimate Walking Dead Quiz is made up of 12 rounds and there are 4 questions per round. The first 10 rounds are made up of questions relating to the corresponding series of The Walking Dead 1 - 10, and then the final two rounds are about the General Knowledge and The Walking Dead Trivia. Lastly, round 12 is a picture round where you have to guess the names of the lesser known Walking Dead Characters and Settlements shown. Each round features questions in a range of difficulties, some easy questions, some medium and some hard.

You can play via our interactive quiz game below which will score you at the end, watch along with our video or print out the following questions. Best of luck, and let us know how well you do in the comments at the bottom of this page.

Play Our Walking Dead Quiz Online

Walking Dead Quiz Questions - Play Our Ultimate The Walking Dead Quiz: 50 Difficult Questions

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