The Good Place Facts That Every Netflix Subscriber Should Know

The Good Place is the brilliant Netflix comedy created by Michael Schur (The Office US, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine). It revolves around Eleanor Shellstrop (played by Kristen Bell), who finds herself in the Good Place, a heavenly utopia. The Good Place is a meticulously designed and managed afterlife created by the "architect" Michael (portrayed by Ted Danson) as a reward for living a virtuous life. Our The Good Place facts include what Tahani was originally going to be called, what Eleanor’s Shrimpies were actually made of by the props team and which philosopher was the main inspiration for the series.

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The Good Place is the brilliant Netflix comedy created by Michael Schur (The Office US, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine). It made its US debut on NBC on September 19, 2016, and concluded on January 30, 2020, consisting of four seasons and a total of 53 episodes.

The series undergoes significant plot developments throughout its run, but initially, it revolves around Eleanor Shellstrop (played by Kristen Bell), who finds herself in the Good Place, a heavenly utopia. The Good Place is a meticulously designed and managed afterlife created by the "architect" Michael (portrayed by Ted Danson) as a reward for living a virtuous life. However, Eleanor realises that she has been mistakenly placed there and must conceal her morally flawed past while striving to become a better and more ethical person. William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, and Manny Jacinto also star as fellow residents of the Good Place, alongside D'Arcy Carden, who plays Janet, an artificial being assisting the residents.

Our The Good Place facts include what Tahani was originally going to be called, what Eleanor’s Shrimpies were actually made of by the props team and which philosopher was the main inspiration for the series.

1. Kristen Bell Knew About The Season One Twist Ending

On August 13, 2015, NBC announced through a press release that they had ordered 13 episodes of a yet-to-be-titled show solely based on Michael Schur's pitch. The lead roles for the series were revealed on January 12, 2016, with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson being cast. The initial synopsis of the show was also unveiled, stating that it would centre around Eleanor creating her own self-improvement program with Michael as her guide. 

It's worth noting that the concept of the afterlife had always been a part of the series, as Kristen Bell had prior knowledge of the twist ending of the first season when she signed on.

2. Chidi Was Originally Named Chris

On February 11, 2016, William Jackson Harper joined the cast as Chris, although the character's name was later changed to Chidi. 

3. Tahani Was Originally Named Tessa

Jameela Jamil was cast as Tessa on February 25, 2016, and her character was renamed Tahani. Manny Jacinto's involvement as a "sweet and good-natured Jason," whose dream was to become a DJ in Southern Florida, was revealed on March 3, 2016. 

4. Megan Amram Joked With Audiences About Janet’s Character

D'Arcy Carden was announced as a series regular on March 14, 2016, playing the role of Janet Della-Denunzio, described as a violin salesperson with a complex history. However, it was later revealed that this description was a hoax, according to writer Megan Amram.

The final premise of the show, including the afterlife concept, was officially announced on May 15, 2016, as part of NBC's lineup for the 2016–17 TV season.

5. The Good Place Was Originally Meant To Be More Religious

According to Michael Schur, the original plan was to incorporate religious elements into the show after conducting research on various faiths and groups. However, the decision was made to adopt a more inclusive approach that encompassed all faiths and avoided endorsing any particular religious viewpoint. 

Schur explained, "I stopped doing research because I realised it's about versions of ethical behaviour, not religious salvation. The show isn't taking a side. The people in the show come from every country and religion."

6. Huntington Gardens Was A Perfect Ambiguous Location

Michael Schur also highlighted that The Good Place's setting in San Marino, California's Huntington Botanical Gardens already had a multicultural ambiance, and the neighbourhoods portrayed in the series would feature individuals from diverse non-denominational and interdenominational backgrounds who interacted with each other regardless of their religious affiliations.

The exteriors in the show are filmed at the Little Europe set in Universal Studios California and also the Huntington Gardens in San Marino, California.

7. The Good Place Drew Inspiration From Lost

The Good Place drew inspiration from the acclaimed TV series Lost, which was a personal favourite of Michael Schur, the creator. In fact, one of the first people Schur consulted when developing the show was Damon Lindelof, co-creator of Lost. 

Michael Schur Schur envisioned The Good Place to have a similar storytelling style with serialised cliffhangers and future storylines. During a lunch meeting with Lindelof, Schur discussed the concept, asking him, "Is this anything?" and sought guidance on the show's direction.

8. The Good Place Twist Is Similar To A Jean-Paul Sartre Play

The surprising twist in the first season of The Good Place, revealing that the Good Place was actually the Bad Place and that the main characters—Chidi, Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani—were intentionally chosen to torment each other indefinitely, bears resemblance to philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre's play, "No Exit."

In the play, three strangers who have died find themselves in a single room and realise their incompatibility, leading them to the conclusion that "hell is other people." Ted Danson and Kristen Bell were the only actors who knew this ultimate premise right from the start.

9. TV Critics Likened The Good Place To “The Prisoner”

Some critics have also drawn comparisons between The Good Place and the 1960s surreal TV show "The Prisoner" due to the isolated and rule-bound setting depicted in the series.

10. International Users Could Watch The Good Place 24hrs After It’s Airing

Outside of the United States, The Good Place is distributed on Netflix in several international territories. The first season was released on September 21, 2017, and subsequent seasons' episodes became available on Netflix within 24 hours of their U.S. broadcast.

11. The Good Place Has A 92% Approval Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the first season of The Good Place holds a rating of 92% based on 74 reviews, with an average score of 7.80/10. 

The critical consensus on the site describes it as “a supremely entertaining and clever portrayal of the afterlife, highlighting the outstanding performances by Kristen Bell and Ted Danson”.

12. The Good Place Is Refreshing Because Of Its Positivity

Critics have pointed out that The Good Place stands apart from the trend of antiheroes and cynical themes, instead presenting likeable characters and positive messages. 

James Poniewozik of The New York Times expressed his admiration, stating that the show's optimism about human nature is a refreshing departure from the prevailing artistic bleakness. He praised the series for its ability to create entertaining television while exploring the idea of redemption for both humans and the occasional immortal demon.

13. The Good Place Has Been Praised For Its Exploration Into Philosophy

The Good Place has also received acclaim for its exploration and creative utilisation of ethics and philosophy. Various critics have lauded its inclusion of thought-provoking topics such as the trolley problem thought experiment by Philippa Foot, Immanuel Kant's categorical imperative, T. M. Scanlon's "What We Owe to Each Other," and the works of Aristotle and Søren Kierkegaard. 

Andrew P. Street of The Guardian emphasised that moral philosophy serves as the show's core, making it engaging and even cool to delve into philosophical concepts.

14. The Guardian Ranked The Good Place In It’s Top 100 TV Shows 

In 2019, The Good Place was ranked 69th on The Guardian's list of the 100 best TV shows of the 21st century, further highlighting its impact and success.

In 2017, The Good Place was named one of the top 10 television programs of the year by the American Film Institute, and in 2019, it received a Peabody Award for its contributions to entertainment.

15. The Good Place Received 14 Emmy Awards

The Good Place gained numerous awards and nominations during its airing. Throughout its run, the show received fourteen Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including two for Outstanding Comedy Series in its third and fourth seasons. It also earned two Golden Globe Award nominations in 2019, one of which was for Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy.

16. The Good Place Cast Members Are Also Award Winning

Several The Good Place cast members were honoured with awards for their exceptional performances on the show. Ted Danson, for his portrayal of Michael, received three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. He also earned three Critics' Choice Television Award nominations, winning one in 2018, along with two Satellite Awards and a TCA Award nomination. 

Kristen Bell, who played Eleanor, received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy. She also received a Critics' Choice Television Award nomination, two People's Choice Awards nominations (winning one in 2019), a Teen Choice Award nomination, and a TCA Award nomination. 

Maya Rudolph received three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, while William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, D'Arcy Carden, and Adam Scott all earned nominations for their exceptional work on the show.

17. The Good Place Hired Philosophy Professors As Consultants

The Good Place incorporates various theories of moral philosophy and ethics through the character of Chidi Anagonye, a moral philosophy professor. The show delves into the works of prominent philosophers such as John Locke, Tim Scanlon, Peter Singer, and Derek Parfit. It explores a wide range of ethical perspectives, covering topics from Jonathan Dancy's theory of moral particularism to Aristotelian virtue ethics, Kantian deontology, and even moral nihilism. 

To ensure accuracy and depth, UCLA philosophy professor Pamela Hieronymi and Clemson philosophy professor Todd May were consulted and made cameo appearances in the final episode.

18. Chidi’s Thesis Is Based On Derek Parfit’s “On What Matters”

In the second season, The Good Place’s philosophy aligns closely with Aristotle's teachings, emphasising the importance of practice in ethical behaviour. Chidi's extensive 4,000-page ethical treatise takes inspiration from Derek Parfit's work, "On What Matters," which attempts to propose a comprehensive theory encompassing all ethical perspectives. While Schur couldn't finish reading the lengthy book, it influenced the complex nature of Chidi's treatise.

19. The Good Place Focuses Mainly On Tim Scanlon’s Work

The central idea of "What We Owe to Each Other" by Tim Scanlon serves as the backbone of the entire show. The concept of contractualism is presented, suggesting that acting morally involves adhering to principles that no reasonable person could reject. Through the relationships between the characters, The Good Place explores this notion of contractualism, as the main humans, Michael, and Janet form their own society, striving to act in ways that are morally justifiable, even if it contradicts the rules and dictates of higher powers.

20. There Are 6 Smaller Web Episodes Set In Season 3

Prior to the fourth season's release of The Good Place in September 2019, NBC introduced a six-episode web series titled The Good Place Presents: The Selection. The series was made available on NBC's website, app, and YouTube channel, with Eric Kissack serving as the director. Set within a narrative gap during the Season 3 episode 11 titled "Chidi Sees the Time-Knife," The Selection follows Shawn, Michael's former demon boss, and his subordinates as they deliberate on which four individuals to choose for Michael's new iteration of The Good Place.

21. The Short Web Series Received An Emmy Nomination

The main cast of The Selection consists of Marc Evan Jackson, Josh Siegal, Bambadjan Bamba, Amy Okuda, and Jama Williamson, reprising their roles from The Good Place as Shawn and his underlings. In the third episode, Joe Mande also returns to reprise his role as Toddrick "Todd" Hemple. The series received a nomination for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

22. The Good Place YouTube Featured A 5 Hour Video Of Janet’s Void

On January 4, 2019, The Good Place YouTube channel uploaded a video titled "Janet's Void: What Actually Happens When * BING *." The video featured Janet standing in her void for five hours, occasionally disappearing. Observant viewers noticed that her disappearances coincided with the length of an episode, approximately 22 minutes.

23. Michael Schur Didn’t Expect Ted Danson To Join The Good Place

When Michael Schur approached Ted Danson to play the role of Michael, he didn't expect such a famous actor to accept the part. To his delight, Danson agreed to join the show.

As a fan of NBC's Must See TV Thursday lineup during his childhood, Michael Schur had idolised Michael J. Fox from Family Ties and Ted Danson from Cheers. Working with them in future projects was his dream, and Danson's involvement in The Good Place fulfilled that dream.

24. Eleanor’s Shrimpies Are Vegetarian!

The shrimp consumed by Eleanor in the series are fake due to Kristen Bell's vegetarian diet. Bell described them as "rubber nuggets" that were painted to resemble shrimp, although the accompanying dipping sauces were real.

25. Michael’s Neighbourhood Is Named After The Fibonacci Sequence

The primary neighbourhood in The Good Place is called "Neighborhood 12358W," with the numbers corresponding to the Fibonacci Sequence, where each number is obtained by adding the two preceding numbers.

26. The Frozen Yoghurt Is Mashed Potatoes!

The frozen yoghurt in The Good Place is actually mashed potatoes to keep continuity and to stop it melting on set.

27. Tahani Is Jameela Jamil’s First On Screen Role

The role of Tahani marked Jameela Jamil's debut in a series or film.

28. There Are MANY Dougs

The Good Place features various characters named "Doug." Both Eleanor and Jason have fathers named Doug (Shellstrop and Donkey Doug), and there is also Doug Forcett, the stoner who had insights about the afterlife. Additionally, Michael steals the "Book of Dougs" from the afterlife accounting office.

29. Eleanor Was Reading A Tahani Interview Before She Died

Jameela Jamil's character, Tahani, appeared on the cover of a magazine that was being read by Kristen Bell's character, Eleanor, in a scene preceding Eleanor's death.

30. There Are Two Venues Named “Nemo”

In Season 1 of The Good Place, Chidi and his friend dine at a restaurant called "Eating Nemo." In Season 3, Eleanor enjoys a drink at a bar named "Drinking Nemo."

31. This Is Literally True

The word "literally" is used in every episode of The Good Place, at least once.

32. Marc Evan Jackson Hosts A Good Place Podcast

The Good Place has a podcast called The Good Place: The Podcast, hosted by Marc Evan Jackson, who portrays Shawn in the show. The podcast offers behind-the-scenes insights and features interviews with cast and crew members.

33. The Good Place Store Names Are Excellent

Several unique stores are featured in The Good Place, including:

  • All Chocolate Everything

  • All the Books

  • Infinite Light

  • The Good Plates

  • Everything Fits Clothes Store

  • Your Anticipated Needs

  • Warm Blankets

  • Childhood Mementos

  • From Schmear to Eternity

  • You do the Hokey Gnocchi and you get yourself some food

  • The Pesto's yet to come

  • Lasagne Come Out Tomorrow

  • Ziti of Stars

  • Cake Canaveral

  • Cruller Intentions

  • Beignet and the Jets

  • Sushi and the Banshees

  • Ponzu Scheme

  • Chicken Soup for the Mouth

  • The Foot Lager

…and at least eight different frozen yoghourt stores.

Interestingly, on the Little Europe set at Universal Studios, the All Chocolate Everything store is actually the location of the VIP tour restrooms!

34. Janet Is Also The Name Of The Air Service In Area 51

D'Arcy Carden portrays the character of Janet. It is worth noting that Janet is also the name of the air service that transports people to Area 51, known as "Just Another Non-Existent Terminal." This parallel highlights the concept of Janet's nature as a non-existent being.

35. Josh Siegal Has Written One Episode In Each Season

Josh Siegal, who plays Glenn in the show, is not only an actor but also a co-executive producer of The Good Place. He has written one episode in each season: "What We Owe To Each Other" (Season 1), "The Trolley Problem" (Season 2), "Janet(s)" (Season 3), and "The Funeral To End All Funerals" (Season 4).

36. Nick Offerman Was Offered The Role Of Shawn

Nick Offerman was initially offered the role of Shawn but ultimately declined the offer. Michael Schur had previously worked with Offerman on Parks and Recreation where he was the memorable Ron Swanson.

37. The Good Place Pilot Reached 8.04 Million Viewers

The premiere episode of The Good Place "Pilot" (2016), gained 8.04 million viewers.

38. Eleanor Shellstrop Wears A University Of Michigan Shirt

In the pilot episode, Kristen Bell's character, Eleanor Shellstrop, can be seen wearing a University of Michigan shirt. This detail is significant as Bell was born and raised in Michigan.

39. Kamilah’s Long List Of Achievements Include:

Some of Kamilah's (Rebecca Hazlewood) notable achievements include being the youngest person to graduate from the University of Oxford, a world-class painter, a social activist, an iconoclast, an Olympic gold medalist in archery, a Grammy award winner for her album, a BAFTA award winner for her documentary about her Grammy-winning album, voted "Most likely to be Banksy," offered the cover girl position for International Sophisticate Magazine, and the youngest person ever to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

40. The Clock In Michael’s Office Actually Spells “Jeremy Bearimy”

The clock on Michael's office wall is arranged to spell "Jeremy Bearimy," a concept unique to the show's universe.

41. Janet Is Essentially Artificial Intelligence

Janet, portrayed by D'Arcy Carden, is not a human girl or an Eternal Being, but rather a personified vessel of knowledge, similar to an Artificial Intelligence. It is important to note that Janet is not a robot, and she politely corrects anyone who mistakes her for one.

42. Jackson And Mantzoukas Have Worked On Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Both Marc Evan Jackson (Shawn) and Jason Mantzoukas (Derek) have previously worked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013), with Jackson playing Kevin Cozner and Mantzoukas portraying Adrian Pimento. Michael Schur, the creator of The Good Place, is also the creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

43. Tahani’s Diary Has A Foreword By Malala Yousafzai And Kylie Minogue

In one The Good Place episode, when Eleanor (Kristen Bell) removes Tahani's (Jameela Jamil) diary, the bottom of the diary reveals "Foreword by Malala Yousafzai and Kylie Minogue." Malala Yousafzai is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate known for her human rights activism, while Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer and songwriter.

44. Seth Meyers Hosted A Post Finale Show With The Cast

After the The Good Place series finale, NBC aired a special show hosted by Seth Meyers where the main characters toasted to each other.

45. Michael Has Several Supernatural Abilities

Michael, portrayed by Ted Danson, possesses several powers and abilities, including immortality, the ability to see in nine different dimensions, memory manipulation, reality warping within the afterlife neighbourhood he creates, and the capability to construct artificial simulations.

46. There Have Been 25 Janet Upgrades

Janet mentions that there have been 25 versions of herself, suggesting that she undergoes upgrades similar to a computer program. Additionally, she refers to herself in the third person when discussing her existence as if she were an object.

47. Some Tame Swear Words Are Not Filtered In The Good Place

Despite the swear/curse filter in The Good Place, certain technical swear/curse words in English, such as "damn," "crap," and "hell," are not filtered.

48. Ted Danson Told John Krasinski The Season One Twist Ending

While Ted Danson and Kirsten Bell were instructed not to disclose the ending of the first season to anyone, Ted accidentally revealed it to John Krasinski. In an interview with Seth Meyers, Danson shared that he and John were conversing when Ted mentioned working with Michael Schur, who had written The Office. Ted noticed John's assumption that it was The Office in heaven, prompting him to reveal the secret.

49. The Good Place Look Like Show Merchandise

All the coffee cups featured in The Good Place are green and display the text "The Good Place."

50. Did You Notice Derek’s Pimento Olives?

On multiple occasions, Derek (played by Jason Mantzoukas) can be seen holding a martini glass filled with pimento olives. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, another series created by Michael Schur, Mantzoukas plays a character named Adrian Pimento.

51. Adam Scott And Kristen Bell Have Worked Together Alot

Adam Scott (Trevor) and Kristen Bell (Eleanor) previously worked together on a Veronica Mars (2004) episode, Mars vs. Mars (2005) as well as the Party Down (2009) episodes, Stennheiser-Pong Wedding Reception (2009) and Party Down Company Picnic (2010). They have also worked together on three Parks and Recreation (2009) episodes: 6.3 The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic (2013), 6.6 Filibuster (2013) & 6.10 Second Chunce (2014).

52. Adam Scott And Marc Evan Jackson Have Previously Worked Together

Adam Scott, who portrays Trevor, and Marc Evan Jackson, who plays Shawn, previously worked together on Parks and Recreation (2009) as Ben Wyatt and Trevor Nelsson, respectively.

Jason Mantzoukas (Derek) and Adam Scott (Trevor) have also previously worked together on Parks and Recreation (2009) as Dennis Feinstein and Ben Wyatt, respectively.

53. There Are Multiple “Janets” Present At One Time

In The Good Place Episode 1.5, "Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis" (2016), Michael reprimands Tahani for viewing the manual for the neighbourhood, stating that it is only meant for Architects and Janets. This implies that there are multiple Janet's present at any given time, potentially one for each neighbourhood. 

Other aspects about Janet also suggest this, such as her loss of abilities outside her assigned neighbourhood, and it is eventually confirmed in Episode 2.6, "Janet and Michael" (2017).

54. Maribeth Monroe And Marc Evan Jackson Were Both In Jumanji (2017)

Maribeth Monroe (Mindy) and Marc Evan Jackson (Shawn) both had small roles in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017). Monroe portrayed the teacher who puts Bethany in detention, while Jackson played the principal in the detention scenes.

55. Immortal Beings And Bad Janets Can Leave The Bad Place Whenever

The Bad Place not only houses humans and Bad Janets but also Immortal Beings whose sole purpose is to torture and inflict pain on the resident humans. It is assumed that Immortal Beings and Bad Janets have the freedom to come and go as they please, unlike humans.

56. Jason’s Monk Name Has A Fitting Meaning

The name "Jianyu Li," which Jason assumes when posing as a Buddhist monk, translates to "in jail" in Mandarin. Jason's DJ name is Mr. Music the DJ.

57. President Jacques Chirac’s Passing Allowed Filming To Occur In Paris

Shooting The Good Place series finale in Paris presented challenges due to the constant crowds. However, the passing of former French President Jacques Chirac during production resulted in blocked-off streets, allowing uninterrupted filming of Eleanor and Chidi's scene on the bridge for two and a half hours. Except for a late reshoot, this scene marked the final one filmed for the finale.

58. The Wooden Archway Was Leftover From A Recent Wedding

In The Good Place series finale, the scenes in the woods with the final door were shot in a serene glen of coastal redwoods near San Francisco. The arch of branches used in the scene was actually a leftover from a recent wedding, which the set designers repurposed with minimal changes.

59. Ted Danson’s Wife Stars In The Good Place Finale

Ted Danson's wife, Mary Steenburgen, makes a cameo appearance alongside him in the series finale.

60. Chidi Gets His Wish To Meet Eleanor Under Normal Circumstances

In The Good Place Episode 2.9, "Best Self" (2018), Chidi expresses his wish for him and Eleanor to have met under normal circumstances, such as at a philosophy conference or after one of his lectures. Coincidentally, in Episode 2.12, "Somewhere Else" (2018), Eleanor does indeed come knocking on Chidi's door, seeking his help with philosophy after watching one of his lectures online.

61. The Reboots Could Have Been Going On For 400 Years

Michael has reset his neighbourhood over 800 times, with the longest iteration lasting 11 months and the average reboot lasting only 5 months, it is possible that from Michael's perspective, this has been going on for nearly 400 years.

62. Tahani Starts Accepting Cargo Pants

In Season 2, Tahani expresses her strong dislike for cargo pants but eventually wears them in an attempt to bond with her soulmate, who prefers casual attire. In Season 3, she chooses to wear cargo pants while visiting the monastery on Earth as part of her journey to become a better person.

63. Kristen Bell’s Husband Stars In The Good Place

Dax Shepard, who is married to Kristen Bell in real life, guest stars as a demon in Episode 10 of Season 2, titled "Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent" (2018).

64. Chidi Never Figures Out That It Is Really The Bad Place

Despite being a Professor of Moral Philosophy and theoretically having the best chance of realising that "The Good Place" is actually "The Bad Place," Chidi never figures it out in any of Michael's 802 attempts. However, he does discover the truth later in the episode "Help Is Other People" (2019) when he becomes a resident in Michael's new experiment in the Medium Place.

Eleanor is usually the one to figure out that they are in The Bad Place, although there was one instance where Jason was the first to realise it.

65. Eleanor Is Believed To Be Bisexual

There are strong implications that Eleanor (Kristen Bell) may be bisexual. Throughout various reboots, she has been intimate with Chidi on eight occasions and has expressed attraction towards Tahani, Janet, Simone, and Vicky.

66. There Are Similarities With Westworld

The creator of The Good Place, Michael Schur, has acknowledged inadvertent similarities between the show and another TV series, Westworld (2016). While Westworld explores the theme of robots gradually gaining consciousness, The Good Place portrays Janet's gradual development of her own consciousness. It's worth noting that The Good Place finished shooting before Westworld aired.

67. The Medium Place Neighbourhood Doesn’t Have A Number

The Medium Place came into existence in the 1980s following the death of Mindy St. Claire (Maribeth Monroe). The Good Place and The Bad Place engaged in a prolonged dispute over who should claim her. Eventually, they reached a compromise and created a new realm of mediocre existence where Mindy resides alone for eternity. As the only resident, there is no formal neighbourhood; it consists of a single house and a railway station with a sign that reads "Neighbourhood: [N/A]."

68. How Did The Good Place Characters Die?

Chidi met his demise when an air conditioner fell on him. Eleanor was fatally struck by a truck advertising erectile dysfunction pills after a row of shopping carts pushed her into its path. Jianyu, known as Jason, died when he forgot to drill air holes in the safe he was hiding in during an attempted taco place robbery. In the second season, it was revealed that Tahani was crushed by a statue of her sister while attempting to dismantle it.

69. Michael Redesigns The Yoghurt Shops To Sell Pizza Instead

In the scene where Eleanor is leaving the grocery store just before her death, there is a stack of pizzas positioned at the front of her shopping cart. When Michael erases their memories and redesigns the neighbourhood for the first time, he replaces the frozen yoghurt shops with pizza stores.

70. There Is A Star Trek: The Next Generation Connection

Michael creates effects by snapping his fingers, similar to how Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) does it. Both characters are omnipotent immortals who have existed since the beginning of time. Interestingly, the actual Good Place faces issues akin to those of the Q Continuum depicted in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Deathwish."

71. Janet Can Change Her Appearance

Janet has the ability to alter her appearance, typically doing so during reboots, although she can change it at any time. In the episode "Existential Crisis" (2017), she briefly appears in different clothes and with blonde hair, prompting Michael to refer to her as "Janette."

72. Janets Are Made By “The Makers of Light, Darkness, And Everything"

Janet was created by beings known as "the Makers of Light, Darkness, and Everything" to serve as the operational mainframe for both the Good Place and the Bad Place. Originally intended for a Good Place neighbourhood, the Janet we see was stolen by Bad Place architect Michael to operate his own neighbourhood.

73. It Is Heavily Implied That Janet Doesn’t Have Genitals

During their time in the Medium Place, Janet and Jason attempt to engage in sexual activity without success. Later, it is revealed that Jason and Tahani do have sex. Furthermore, Derek (Jason Mantzoukas), designed as a male counterpart to Janet, is shown to lack genitals. Given these facts, it is likely that Janet shares the same characteristic.

The Good Place Facts - The Good Place Facts That Every Netflix Subscriber Should Know

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