74 Love Actually (2003) Facts To Boost That Festive Feeling

Love Actually is the 2003 Christmas romantic comedy written by Richard Curtis featuring a memorable ensemble cast. Our Love Actually facts include whether Harry really cheated on Karen, who nearly starred as David the Prime Minister and the personal reason why Richard Curtis kept in the nudity!

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Love Actually is the 2003 Christmas romantic comedy written by Richard Curtis featuring a memorable ensemble cast. Many of the cast in Love Actually have worked with Richard Curtis in previous film and TV projects. Love Actually has an ambitious format telling 10 separate stories of 10 different types of love with some interlinking throughout the film. The film itself acts as a countdown to Christmas and it begins five weeks before the 25th of December and includes an epilogue from a month after the celebration.

Love Actually is considered a co-production between the UK, the USA and France with it first being released on the 14th of November 2003 in the USA to mixed reviews. However it was a box office success as it grew to US$246 million worldwide on a budget of US$45 million. It also received a Golden Globe award nomination for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy.

If you haven’t seen Love Actually before, we won’t bore you with the details of 10 different story lines but instead we will say that Hugh Grant opens the film in a voiceover commenting about the doom and gloom in the world today. To make himself feel better he thinks of arrivals at Heathrow Airport where many friends and families welcome their loved ones home with open arms. 

Hugh Grant plays the UK Prime Minister who falls in love with an aide but other stories of love include a rock ‘n’ roll singer who loves his manager, a recently cheated on man who falls in love with his Portuguese housekeeper and a married couple falling apart due to the husband’s close relationship to a co-worker. 

Even if you're a huge fan of Love Actually and watch it every year, here are some facts you may never have read before.

1. Most Of The Characters Are Interlinked

Most of the stories in Love Actually are linked in some way or another. 

  • John and Judy work with Tony who is best friends with Colin. 

  • Colin works at a catering company that services the office in which Sarah, Carl, Mia and Harry work. 

  • Mia is friends with Mark who runs the art gallery where their office Christmas party is held and Mia also lives next door to Natalie. 

  • Mark is in love with Juliet and best friends with Peter who are friends with Jamie and Sarah.

  • Harry is married to Karen but her brother is the Prime Minister David and she is friends with Daniel.

2. Richard Curtis Originally Wrote Two Separate Films

When Richard Curtis began writing Love Actually, he initially had two distinct separate films in mind. The films would feature Hugh Grant in one and Colin Firth in the other however he changed his mind after becoming frustrated with the writing process.

3. Richard Curtis Was Inspired By Robert Altman

In interviews Richard Curtis claims that he was partly inspired by Robert Altman films including Pulp Fiction so he decided to go with an ensemble cast instead.

4. Love Actually Wasn’t Originally Linked To Christmas

Initially Love Actually did not have any link to Christmas but Richard Curtis felt that it would go well with the theme of exploring love and what love means.

5. There Were Originally 14 Storylines In Love Actually

Before settling on the final 10 scenarios, there were originally 14 storylines in Love Actually. Four of them were cut but two were filmed. This included the headmistress at the children’s school looking after her longtime girlfriend who is terminally ill. Anne Reid played the headmistress and Frances de la Tour played the unwell partner. 

6. Richard Curtis Hated Editing Love Actually

In an interview with The Guardian in 2017, Richard Curtis negatively discussed the editing process of Love Actually calling it a catastrophe and explaining that it was the only nightmare scenario that he had ever been caught up in. The film had to be rushed in order to be ready for Christmas in 2003 which he called “three-dimensional chess”.

7. Ruby Turner Is Joanna’s Mother

Ruby Turner, the well-known soul singer, stars in Love Actually as Joanna Anderson’s mother. Joanna is the young American girl who Sam falls in love with and learns to play the drums for so he can play in the same Christmas performance.

8. Joe Alwyn Auditioned For The Role Of Sam

Sam is played by Thomas Brodie Sangster but Joe Alwyn originally auditioned for the part. It took another 13 years for him to land his first film role.

9. Curtis Was Convinced To Hire Bill Nighy

Richard Curtis had two actors in mind to play the role of ageing rockstar Billy Mack but he was finally influenced by Casting Director Mary Selway who suggested Bill Nighy. 

10. Love Actually Was Mainly Filmed On Location In London

Most of Love Actually was made on location in London and many recognisable landmarks and areas can be seen during the film including Trafalgar Square, Marble Arch, the Tate Modern, Oxford Street, St Paul's Cathedral and Somerset House. Heathrow Airport and Marseille Airport were also used during the filming of Love Actually and the scenes at Number 10 Downing Street were filmed at Shepperton Studios.

11. Love Actually Has Been Referenced In Politics

Love Actually made its way into politics. Many political editors were speculating after Tony Blair’s resignation as Prime Minister of the UK that a potential anti-American shift in Gordon Brown’s cabinet was a “Love Actually moment”. This obviously refers to the scene in which Hugh Grant‘s character stands up to the US President after he makes a move on Natalie. However during the presidential visit by Barack Obama in 2009, it was suggested in the press that Obama couldn’t be further away from the sleazy character which was seen as a Bill Clinton/George W. Bush hybrid.

12. There Is A Separate UK And USA Soundtrack

The UK and USA soundtrack from Love Actually differs as the US edition removed two pieces of the score and replaced two modern songs. The song Sometimes by Gabrielle was removed and the tracklist was also re-ordered. The Girls Aloud cover of the song Jump (For My Love) was replaced by the original song from The Pointer Sisters and the Maroon 5 song Sweetest Goodbye was replaced by a medley of Sweetest Goodbye and Sunday Morning.

13. The Soundtrack Was Only Released In 2021

Love Actually was scored and composed by Craig Armstrong. The soundtrack was commercially unreleased until the 19th of November 2021 when it was finally released digitally by Universal Pictures Back Lot Music.

14. The Love Actually Soundtrack Was Number 1 In The UK Album Charts

The Love Actually soundtrack reached Number One in the UK albums chart and it had spent 348 weeks at the chart by Christmas 2018. It reached the Top 40 on the US Billboard 202,004 and ranks second on the top soundtracks chart. 

15. There Has Technically Been A Love Actually 2

In 2007 Richard Curtis wrote a short script for Comic Relief in the UK which saw several characters return and stories picked up 14 years later. The film was broadcast on BBC One on the 24th of March 2017 and was called “Red Nose Day Actually”. It saw the return of Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Andrew Lincoln, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Keira Knightley, Martine McCutcheon, Bill Nighy, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Lucia Moniz, Olivia Olsen and Rowan Atkinson. 

16. Laura Linney’s Character Marries Patrick Dempsey

A slightly different version of the above film was broadcast on the 25th of May 2017 in the USA with it featuring Laura Linney reprising her role and Patrick Dempsey as her now husband. 

17. Richard Curtis Always Wanted Laura Linney For Sarah

It has been speculated that when Richard Curtis was casting the role of Sarah he kept saying “I want someone like Laura Linney” making the Casting Director snap after they had auditioned many excellent British actors for the role. This led to them hiring Laura Linney who has since said in interviews that she really wished her character didn’t pick up the phone when Karl, played by Rodrigo Santoro, was in her apartment.

18. Kris Marshall Returned Some Of Love Actually Money

Reportedly Kris Marshall returned the money he made from filming the scene where three American women go to bed with him as he claimed that he was having such a great time being undressed for 21 takes that he was willing to have done it for free. We guess this sort of thing may have been more acceptable in 2003…

19. Colin Firth And Lucia Moniz Were Pretending To Swim

The scene in which Lucia Moniz and Colin Firth are swimming in a lake in France was much less strenuous than it seems. This is because the water was actually only 18 inches deep and the pair had to kneel down and pretend to swim in deep water! Colin Firth has stated in interviews that the lake was overrun by mosquitoes and he was badly bitten causing his elbow to swell up to the size of an avocado and he needed to get medical attention.

20. The Heathrow Footage Was Really Filmed In The Airport

The footage of families and friends hugging at the arrivals area in Heathrow Airport was actually real. Richard Curtis hid a team of camera people to film at Heathrow for a week and whenever they saw someone that would fit the film, they asked them permission to use the footage.

21. Juliet And Peter’s Wedding Was Inspired By Jim Henson’s Funeral

The idea of having Mark arrange a special performance of a band playing The Beatles hit All You Need Is Love at Peter and Juliet’s wedding actually came from Jim Henson’s funeral which Curtis attended. All of the puppeteers who had worked with Jim Henson brought the Muppets to the funeral and sang a song.

22. Billy Mack’s Story Doesn’t Link To Any Other Characters

Billy Mack and his manager Joe have the only storyline in Love Actually that doesn’t directly connect to one of the other characters but instead the song can be heard playing in scenes with the others and influences young Sam to pursue his crush on Joanna.

23. Billy Bob Thornton Is Scared Of Antiques!

Quite unbelievably Billy Bob Thornton has a phobia of antiques… Yes, this is written in his memoir! This led to Hugh Grant pranking him before the camera started rolling by showing him a piece of antique furniture from set for his own amusement. 

Billy Bob Thornton accepted his part in the film without even reading any of the script as he was so flattered by the letter that accompanied it asking him to be part of the ensemble as the pretend American President.

24. Thomas Brodie Sangster’s Dad Taught Him To Play The Drums

Thomas Brodie Sangster didn’t know how to play the drums before he was cast as Sam in Love Actually but his father Mark Sangster knew how to play them and taught him for the role.

25. Emma Thompson Wore A Bodysuit In Love Actually

Another outdated 2000 trope in action… According to Richard Curtis the wardrobe department put Dame Emma Thompson in a “fat suit“ to make her appear heavier for her role of Karen.

26. Andrew Lincoln Wrote The Flash Cards

Andrew Lincoln actually wrote the cards that he held up at Juliet’s door. In 2013 in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he revealed that it was his own handwriting after the art department gave it a go but he thought his own handwriting would be better. 

Lincoln was originally unsure about performing this scene due to the fact that it made him look slightly like a stalker!

27. Rowan Atkinson’s Character Was Meant To Be An Angel

One from the Love Actually folklore online! Rowan Atkinson’s character Rufus, the jewellery salesman, was initially supposed to be an angel and would disappear as he walked away from Daniel in the scene at the airport later in the film.

28. Keira Knightley Is Only 5 Years Older Than Thomas Brodie Sangster

Unbelievably Keira Knightley who plays Juliet was only five years older in Love Actually than Thomas Brodie Sangster who played the young child Sam. Their looks are so different! Keira Knightley was 18/19 during filming and Thomas Brodie Sangster was 13. Thomas Brodie Sangster has done well with his young looks as when he was 23, he was also cast as a 13-year-old in Game of Thrones where he played Jojen Reed. 

29. It Features A Four Weddings And A Funeral Cut Scene

The scene in which Colin accidentally insults the caterer's food to her face was actually written as a scene for Hugh Grant in Richard Curtis’ other film Four Weddings And A Funeral released in 1994 but it was cut from the final film.

30. Hugh Grant Was Concerned About Filming The Dance Scene

Hugh Grant has reminisced in interviews that he really hated filming the dancing scene even though now it is one of the most iconic moments from any film. He worried at the time that no British Prime Minister in their right mind would be doing something like that and thought it would make him look silly in front of audiences.

31. Liam Neeson Was Trying To Give Up Smoking During Filming

Some eagle eyed viewers of Love Actually may notice that in the scene in which Liam Neeson has Daniel says, “we need Kate and we need Leo and we need them now” he is holding a toothpick. Later, Sam has a toothpick in his mouth while he and Daniel are sitting on the sofa together. Richard Curtis has described this as “that toothpick business” in interviews as Liam Neeson was trying to give up smoking and couldn’t be without a toothpick in his mouth at that time.

32. TV Stations Show A Cut Version Of Love Actually Without John And Judy

Versions of Love Actually, including the one broadcast on the ABC family channel in the USA, have been broadcast without the entire subplot of John and Judy (Martin Freeman and Joanna Page) as they were filming an adult movie.

33. Laura Linney Had To Split Her Time Between Boston And London

Laura Linney filmed Love Actually while she was also working on Mystic River in 2003 in Boston, Massachusetts. Incidentally she had to fly across to London several times within a few months to complete her work on both films.

34. Jim Clay Designed Number 10 Downing Street From Memory

As mentioned above, the scenes shot at 10 Downing Street in Love Actually are at a replica residence. The exterior was created at Shepperton studios in the car park and the interior is a set. Production designer Jim Clay was escorted around the actual number 10 Downing Street for two hours by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown (who would then be the British Prime Minister from June 2007 to May 2010). They were not permitted to take any photographs or make sketches of the interior so the number 10 that appears in Love Actually was designed by Jim Clay entirely from memory!

35. A 45 Minute Meeting Happened To Decide Aurelia’s Costume

According to writer and director Richard Curtis, he and other members of the production team had a 45 minute meeting in which they decided which colour Aurelia would wear in the lake scene.

36. Claudia Schiffer Was Paid Around $200,000 For Her Cameo

Newspapers reported at the time that Claudia Schiffer received £200,000/around US$300,000 for her one minute cameo in Love Actually! In the funeral scene where Daniel is giving a eulogy for his late wife, he jokes that one of his wife’s requests was to bring Claudia Schiffer to the funeral as his date. Claudia Schiffer then appears in her small role of Daniel’s new love interest at the end of the film.

37. Love Actually Was The Most Rented DVD In 2004

This statistic seems wild to report now but Love Actually was listed as the most rented DVD in the UK in the year 2004! 

38. Thomas Brodie Sangster And Hugh Grant Are Related

Thomas Brodie Sangster is actually the second cousin once removed of Hugh Grant!

39. Universal Pictures Claimed The Film Would Lose Money Due To The Nude Scenes

In an interview with Empire Magazine in 2017, Richard Curtis recounted the time that Universal Pictures chairperson Stacey Snider Claimed that the film would make US$50 million less at the Box Office if he kept the nude scenes in with Martin Freeman and Joanna Page. Richard Curtis felt that when he was a teenager he only went to see films that had some nudity and he didn’t want to let his teenage self down! 

40. The Airport Set Was The Most Expensive To Create

Despite the scenes of the Heathrow arrivals area being filmed at the actual airport, other airport shots were filmed on a set. The building of the set reportedly cost most of the budget for the entire film but it was used several times including when Colin leaves for Wisconsin, when Sam runs through the airport to find Joanna and then later at the end when many of the main cast arrive back at the airport after Christmas.

41. Billy Mack Was Modelled On Robert Palmer

Billy Mack’s song “Christmas Is All Around” was modelled on the popular music videos of Robert Palmer which include Palmer being surrounded by an all female band dressed in the same clothing swaying back-and-forth. 

42. There Is A Rear Window Connection

When Keira Knightley‘s character Juliet visits Mark in his flat to take a look at their wedding video, you can see a copy of Hitchcock’s Rear Window from 1954. The main theme of Rear Window is voyeurism and watching people without their knowledge and that is exactly what Mark‘s character is doing to Juliet. 

She soon finds out that the wedding video is made up entirely of scenes of her. Andrew Lincoln has said in many interviews since the release of Love Actually that he really wishes his love for Juliet had been portrayed a little bit more sensitively and appropriately as, looking back at the film from today, it looks as if Mark is behaving in a very creepy manner.

43. The Wedding Video Was Inspired By Cinema Paradisio

Richard Curtis has said in interviews that the wedding video made up entirely of images of Juliet was inspired by the end of the film Cinema Paradiso from 1988 where the main character made a montage of all of the kissing scenes that had previously been censored out from all the films that were shown in Cinema Paradiso.

44. Milwaukee Was A Deliberate Choice

The production team of Love Actually chose to have Colin randomly arrive in Milwaukee which is a relatively small city and sparsely populated in the midwest. They wanted it to be more believable that the locals would find Colin and his accent more exotic than in areas with a high tourist turnover such as New York or California. They decided that someone like Colin would be looking to go off the beaten track a bit more and it would fit his character to choose somewhere random like Milwaukee.

45. The Barbies Karen Holds Are Ken Dolls In Dresses

Emma Thompson has said that one of the most challenging scenes to film Love Actually was when she had to hold up two dolls. She could not stop laughing as the prop department had taken two Ken dolls and put them in dresses.

46. Olivia Olson Was Thomas Brodie Sangster’s Love Interest Twice

Olivia Olson who plays Joanna Anderson in Love Actually went on to play another Love interest of Thomas Brodie Sangster but this time on the TV series Phineas and Ferb. Brodie Sangster is the voice of Ferb and Olsen is the voice of Vanessa.

47. Love Actually Is Richard Curtis’ Directorial Debut

Despite Richard Curtis being known as a staple for some of the best British romantic comedies including Four Weddings And A Funeral (1994), Notting Hill (1999) and Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001), Love Actually is his first directorial debut.

48. Sam Was Meant To Be A Talented Gymnast

Love Actually originally had a few scenes which showed Sam, Thomas Brodie Sangster’s character, as being a brilliant gymnast. This would allow him to rush through the airport to find Joanna in a long chase involving several physical stunts dodging objects and people with jumps and gymnastic moves. However this was decided against.

49. Actually Is Said 22 Times In The Film

The word “actually” is actually spoken 22 times by various characters actually throughout the film actually.

50. Even The Set Wanted Sarah And Karl To Get Together

In the scene where Harry, played by Alan Rickman, confronts Sarah asking how long she had been in love with Karl, you can see two clocks on the wall. One clock shows the time in New York City and the other the time in Brazil. Laura Linney who plays Sarah it’s from New York City and Rodrigo Santoro who plays Carl is from Brazil. 

51. A Sugarbabes Singer Named Her Daughter After A Love Actually Character

On the Love Actually soundtrack Sugababes performed “Too Lost In You” in the UK however it was replaced by Kelly Clarkson’s “The Trouble With Love” on the US release. Reportedly Richard Curtis felt bad for this omission as they had missed out on USA exposure so to make up for it he later put them on his soundtrack for the film About Time in 2013. Heidi Range, a singer in Sugababes, named her young daughter Aurelia supposedly after the film Love Actually.

52. Emma Thompson Drew On Her Own Experiences Of Marriage Breakdown

This one is a heart-breaking fact! For her role as Karen in Love Actually, Emma Thompson drew on her experiences with heartbreak over her former husband Kenneth Branagh‘s affair with fellow actor Helena Bonham Carter. Branagh and Bonham Carter starred together in Frankenstein in 1994 and this extramarital affair led to their divorce in 1995. Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham Carter had actually co-starred as sisters in the 1992 film Howards End. Thompson was able to draw on these experiences to create such a real and tear-jerking moment of Karen silently crying while listening to Joni Mitchell over her husband's affair with a coworker.

53. This May Be The Reason For Kiera Knightley’s Awful Hat

Many Love Actually fans have commented online at Keira Knightley’s really awful large hat which she wears when she visits Andrew Lincoln’s character at his flat. Coupled with the line “terrible taste in pie”, this scene has become a meme in popular culture online. However it is rumoured that the reason Juliet wore such a large hat was to cover a spot that had come up on her forehead the night before filming. Keira Knightley was only 19 when she filmed Love Actually so this is entirely plausible.

54. Love Actually Has An Unexpected Harry Potter Connection

Hugh Grant plays Prime Minister David in Love Actually and he mentions the Harry Potter franchise during a speech. Hugh Grant was set to appear as Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets in 2002 but was unable to due to scheduling conflicts. The role ultimately went to Kenneth Branagh, ex-husband of Emma Thompson. Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Bill Nighy and Frances de la Tour all star in the Harry Potter and Love Actually cast. Frances de la Tour only appeared in deleted scenes from Love Actually.

55. Love Actually Has A Jane Austen Connection

All leading stars of the 1990 film version of Sense And Sensibility technically appeared in Love Actually. Hugh Grant, Dame Emma Thompson, and Alan Rickman all played lead roles whereas Kate Winslet appeared in stock footage of the 1997 film Titanic.

56. International Versions Of The Film Focussed On Different Cast Members For Publicity

For the publicity of Love Actually in Brazil and on the VHS/DVD covers, the image of Bill Nighy portraying Billy Mack was replaced with Rodrigo Santoro. Santoro is Brazilian and starred in the film as Karl, the good-looking co-worker of Laura Linney ‘s character Sarah.

For the publicity of Love Actually in Germany, Martine McCutcheon who plays Natalie was replaced on the posters and VHS/DVD covers with Heike Makatsch. Heike was born in Düsseldorf, Germany and is the daughter of former German national ice hockey keeper Rainer Makatsch. 

57. Michael Parkinson Accepted His Role Immediately

Michael Parkinson accepted the cameo role in Love Actually without hesitation.

58. The French Property Colin Firth Films At In Love Actually Burnt Down

The property and surrounding dock area where Jamie and Aurelia stay in France was built specifically for Love Actually. However most of the property was damaged by a fire in the 2003 heat wave. The main house which already stood before the film survived.

59. The Love Actually School Was Pierce Brosnan’s School

The school used for the nativity concert at the end of Love Actually is Elliot School in Putney in South West London and it is where Pierce Brosnan went to school until he was 15.

60. Natalie Was Originally Called Martine!

The character of Natalie was coincidentally originally named Martin however it was changed to Natalie before Martine McCutcheon even auditioned.

61. Hugh Grant And Colin Firth Are Born 1 Day Apart

This is a good romcom fact overall but Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were actually born one day apart. Hugh Grant was born on the 9th of September 1960 and Colin Firth was born on the 10th of September 1960. Despite Hugh Grant playing Karen’s older brother David in Love Actually, Dame Emma Thompson is one year older than Hugh Grant.

62. Hopkins, Gambon and Crawford Were In The Running For A Part

Before Hugh Grant was cast as Prime Minister David, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Michael Gambon and Michael Crawford were possible candidates. However all three had been unavailable at time of filming with Anthony Hopkins working on The Human Stain (2003), Michael Gambon was set to star in Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban in 2004 and Michael Crawford had returned to Broadway to star in Dance Of The Vampires.

63. Billy Mack Was Nearly A Real Rockstar

Before Bill Nighy was cast in the role of Billy Mac, Richard Curtis had expressed an interest in having a real rockstar play the role considering David Bowie, Peter Gabriel and Mick Jagger however producers thought that an actual rockstar would make more demands to the script and music choices.

64. Simon Pegg Nearly Starred In A Memorable Role

Simon Pegg was considered for the role of Rufus before it went to Rowan Atkinson.

65. The Production Couldn’t Secure Green Bay Packers Rights

The scene in which Colin returns to Heathrow Airport was originally meant to include a Green Bay Packers top however the production team were unable to secure permission from the NFL so they changed Colins' costume.

66. Director Richard Curtis Has A Cameo Appearance

Richard Curtis starred in a director's cameo in Peter and Juliet’s wedding as a trombone player.

67. We Like The Czechia Version Of Love Actually

In Czechia, Love Actually was known by the name “Heavenly Love” which is a saying expressing the greatest love possible.

68. Liam Neeson Sadly Became A Widower In Real Life

Liam Neeson portrays Daniel in Love Actually who is a widower trying to live fully after his wife sadly passed away. Liam Neeson himself became a widower six years later after his wife Natasha Richardson died suddenly in a skiing accident. 

69. Emma Freud Is Responsible For casting Gregor Fisher

Richard Curtis’s wife Emma Freud insisted that Curtis hire Gregor Fisher to play the role of Joe after seeing him perform in the 2000 remake of the Railway Children. Emma and her children liked Gregor’s performance so much that she insisted Richard cast him.

70. Dua Lipa Covered Christmas Is All Around Me

In 2020 Dua Lipa and Jimmy Fallon performed a cover of the Billy Mack song Christmas Is All Around Me on The Tonight Show.

71. Three Cast Members Starred In Nanny McPhee

Thomas Brodie Sangster, Colin Firth and Dame Emma Thompson who are all main characters in Love Actually also went on to appear together in the film Nanny McPhee in 2005.

72. Bernard Is The Name Of Alan Rickman’s Father And On Screen Son

Karen and Harry, played by Dame Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, have a son called Bernard in Love Actually. In real life Bernard was the name of Alan Rickman’s father who passed away when he was just eight years old.

73. Harry Really Did Cheat On Karen But They Stayed Together

For many years after Love Actually was released, viewers have been discussing whether Harry actually cheated on his wife Karen or only bought her a necklace. It was in December 2015 when Emma Freud, wife of Richard Curtis, confirmed on her Twitter account but it was indeed a full-fledged sexual affair and not just an inappropriate nonphysical flirtation as some people assumed it was. Freud also confirms that Harry and Karen stayed married after Karen discovered the affair but said that Home wasn’t as happy as it once was.

74. Mark And Mia Knew Each Other But The Scene Was Cut

In one of the many Love Actually deleted scenes, it is shown that Andrew Lincoln’s character Mark is friends with Mia and it is his art gallery where the office Christmas party is held. In the scene she announces her plans to start an affair with her married boss and Mark discourages it. Mark politely rejects her suggestion of starting an affair with him instead. The only lasting scene of this connection is when Harry asks Mia if Mark is her boyfriend before they start dancing.

Love Actually Facts - 74 Love Actually (2003) Facts To Boost That Festive Feeling

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