13 Fantasy Books Full Of Magic For Fans Of Roald Dahl’s Matilda

Roald Dahl's Matilda has captured the hearts of young readers with its whimsical blend of magic, mischief, and the power of imagination. If you can't get enough of Matilda's extraordinary adventures and are hungry for more magical tales, you're in luck! We've curated a delightful list of 13 fantasy books that will transport young readers to enchanting worlds brimming with spells, wondrous creatures, and captivating adventures. Get ready to embark on fantastic journeys as we explore these spellbinding books perfect for fans of Roald Dahl's beloved Matilda.

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Roald Dahl's Matilda has captured the hearts of young readers with its whimsical blend of magic, mischief, and the power of imagination. If you can't get enough of Matilda's extraordinary adventures and are hungry for more magical tales, you're in luck! 

We've curated a delightful list of 13 fantasy books that will transport young readers to enchanting worlds brimming with spells, wondrous creatures, and captivating adventures. Get ready to embark on fantastic journeys as we explore these spellbinding books perfect for fans of Roald Dahl's beloved Matilda.

City of Stolen Magic - Nazneen Ahmed Pathak

Set in India during the year 1855, Chompa's world is intricately woven with two distinct forms of magic. Her mother's preferred kind is writing-magic, a patient and controlled practice accessible to anyone willing to invest the time. With pen and Farsi script, one can weave spells and patiently await their effects. Ammi insists it is safe, but Chompa finds it slow, frustrating, and utterly mundane.

On the other hand, there is finger-magic, an enchantment possessed only by those descended from ancient djinn. This magic is immediate, potent, and perilous. Each act of finger-magic leaves behind an indelible trace and extracts a costly toll. Growing up in an isolated village, Chompa has always been perplexed by her mother's strict prohibition against using this powerful gift.

However, one fateful day, Chompa's impetuous nature gets the better of her. Defying Ammi's warning, she casts a spell with her gifted fingers. Unbeknownst to her, this act sets a sequence of events in motion. A group of sinister, pale men suddenly descends upon their home, snatching Ammi away from her daughter.

Now, with her mother gone, Chompa embarks on a desperate journey to another realm - England, specifically the bustling streets of East End London. There, the notorious Company holds sinister plans, transporting magical individuals like Chompa and Ammi for mysterious and dark purposes. Determined to find her mother and uncover the truth behind the Company's malevolent intentions, Chompa delves deeper into a world where magic intertwines with danger and deception.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J. K. Rowling 

Life at number four Privet Drive is anything but enchanting for Harry Potter. Confined to a cupboard under the stairs, surrounded by creepy spiders, his days lack excitement. However, on the eve of his eleventh birthday, everything changes dramatically. Mysteriously, letters start flooding in, written in emerald green ink on aged parchment, adorned with a distinct letter "H" on purple wax seals. It becomes evident that Harry Potter is no ordinary boy; he is the famed "boy who lived," a name well-known throughout the magical world. And now, he is offered a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, forever altering the course of his life.

Embarking on an extraordinary adventure, Harry is about to step into a world of magic, mystery, and wonder. Hogwarts awaits, with its broomsticks and wands, as he delves into the realms of spells and sorcery. A remarkable journey lies ahead, and Harry Potter's life will never be the same again.

So, get ready to soar on a broomstick and wield your wand, as Waterstones cordially invites you to join Harry on his enthralling odyssey, experiencing the magical world for the very first time. This is where the magic truly begins, marking the commencement of an unparalleled, multi-award-winning series that will captivate readers of all ages.

Mirabelle Wants to Win - Harriet Muncaster 

In Mirabelle's world, magic and fairy tales intertwine, as her mum is a witch, and her dad is a fairy. Mirabelle herself embodies a delightful blend of both magical worlds. Excitement fills the air when a renowned football star is set to visit Mirabelle's school to watch their match, and she's determined to impress. Armed with her special ingredients, she sprinkles magic on her shoes and adds a touch of potion to the ball, certain that she will shine like never before. The stage is set for her to be the star of the show!

However, as fate would have it, things take an amusingly unexpected turn. Flying footballs, uncontrollable shoes, and disgruntled teammates disrupt Mirabelle's plans for glory, leaving her dreams seemingly shattered. But in the midst of chaos, Mirabelle comes to realize that winning isn't solely about impressing others or standing in the spotlight.

As the story unfolds, Mirabelle discovers a valuable lesson - that there's more than one path to feeling like a winner. Embracing her unique abilities and finding joy in the game, she learns that true victory lies in the journey itself, and the magic she carries within.

Join Mirabelle in this enchanting and mischievous tale, cleverly infused with a football twist, perfect for enjoying during half-time breaks of the Women's World Cup 2023. Witness her growth and transformation as she finds her own definition of success and celebrates the magic that makes her special.

Arkspire - Jamie Littler 

In the heart of Arkspire, a city consumed by magic, the five Arcanists reign as all-powerful magicians, safeguarding the metropolis for generations. Amidst the vibrant and cobbled streets of this bustling place resides Juniper Bell, a skilled thief whose unwavering loyalty to her family extends even to her exasperating sister.

Yet, on one fateful night, destiny takes a surprising turn. A stolen relic, mysteriously detonating (and absolutely nothing to do with Juni, of course...), unleashes a peculiar being named Cinder, who forms an unusual bond with her. The Arcanists believe such creatures to be dangerous foes, and now, they shift their gaze towards Juni.

In the blink of an eye, Juni, Cinder, and all those dear to her are entangled in an extraordinary realm of magic, might, and prestige - but also perilous threats. The world that Juni once thought she knew unravels like an illusion, exposing the veiled truths and deceptions. Only Juniper and Cinder hold the key to unveiling the city's secrets and bringing down the façade.

In this mesmerizing tale, Juniper and Cinder navigate a treacherous journey filled with enchantment and danger. As they challenge the established order and confront adversaries, they discover the formidable strength within themselves and the extraordinary bond that binds them together. The destiny of Arkspire lies in their hands as they unravel the complexities of power and deception, revealing a world beyond their wildest imagination.

Project Fairy - Jacqueline Wilson

In the world of Mab and her mum, fairies reign supreme, casting a whimsical spell over their lives. Mab's mum's fascination with fairies knows no bounds; she even bestowed her daughter's name in honor of the Fairy Queen. Their cozy flat is adorned with an enchanting array of fairy ornaments, miniature furniture, and twinkling fairy lights, even gracing the most unexpected places like the toilet. While Mab may not entirely grasp the allure, she understands that these magical creatures bring immense joy to her mum, especially since Dad left.

On her birthday, Mab dons a brand-new fairy dress, proudly showcasing her love for the mythical beings at school. Her thoughtful teacher gifts her a book that delves into the realm of Victorian fairies. Together with her mum and her little brother Robin, Mab immerses herself in the book's pages, expecting to find endearing and sweet fairy illustrations. However, the reality unfolds quite differently, surprising Mab with a series of drawings that challenge her preconceived notions.

But the most astonishing surprise comes when a tiny, mysterious figure tumbles out of the book's pages, embarking on a magical adventure that intertwines the worlds of fairies, families, and friendship.

In this captivating and bewitching tale, Jacqueline Wilson, the brilliant and award-winning author, weaves a spellbinding narrative that captures the wonders of imagination and the magic of love and companionship. Prepare to be transported to a world where fairies come to life, and where bonds between family and friends prove to be the most enchanting of all.

The Magic Hour - David Wolstencroft 

Get ready for a thrilling and fast-paced middle-grade adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Meet Ailsa Craig, a girl who has a knack for being late to everything - from her own birth to school and even her house exploding (though being late for that is probably a good thing!). But Ailsa's life takes an incredible turn when she stumbles upon a life-changing secret: there are twenty-five hours in a day! Yes, you heard that right - an extra hour, known as the "Magic Hour," exists in a parallel and fantastical Edinburgh, accessible only at twilight.

As Ailsa delves deeper into this extraordinary world where anything seems possible, her luck takes an exciting turn. Her grades improve, life brightens up, and even the popular kids start taking notice of her. It's like a dream come true for Ailsa and her thrilled parents. However, she soon discovers that meddling with time comes with dire consequences. The seemingly perfect world of the Magic Hour holds dark and sinister forces that threaten to wreak havoc on her life, her parents, and the entire world.

In this hilarious and high-octane race-against-time adventure, Ailsa must summon her courage to confront the malevolent forces at work and save everything she holds dear. Perfect for fans of Pages & Co, The Beast and the Bethany, and P.G. Bell, this beautifully illustrated tale brings to life the thrilling journey of Ailsa as she learns the true cost of tampering with time and the power of bravery and determination in the face of danger. Get ready for an unforgettable ride through the world of time-twisting magic!

Swifter than Starlight - Cerrie Burnell 

Once upon a winter's eve, in a time long past, two sisters ventured into the enigmatic depths of the wolf-wild Faraway Wood. Yet, only one of them emerged from the shadows, leaving behind a trail of myths and melodies that resonate through the forest. The Faraway Wood conceals its secrets within twisting thorns and sharp-toothed beasts, a haven for bandits, thieves, and mysteries.

However, when a prince vanishes, the tranquillity of the wood is shattered. Meet Lilac, a resilient and spirited girl, content with her found family yet yearning to reunite with her missing sister. Then there's Clover, a determined young girl, eager to recover what was taken from her but hesitating to abandon her village. And let's not forget Hester, a clever and resourceful girl, always a step ahead of trouble and eager for thrilling escapades.

United by fate and bound by a shared mission, these three young heroines will set forth on a daring quest to unite the realm and unravel the secrets lurking within the Faraway Wood. Their courage and camaraderie will pave the way for an extraordinary adventure, one that will echo through the annals of time.

Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer 

At the tender age of twelve, Artemis Fowl has already earned a reputation as a criminal mastermind. With a mind teeming with ingenious schemes and devious plots, no challenge is too audacious for him. Yet, little did he know that the realm of fairies, long dismissed as mere bedtime tales, holds a stunning truth.

But these fairies are far from the gentle creatures of lore. They are fierce, armed, and exceedingly dangerous. And when Artemis devises a plan to capture Captain Holly Short for her fairy gold, he unknowingly sets himself on a collision course with an elf who will not back down.

While Holly may lack weaponry, she possesses an extraordinary danger of her own and is none too pleased about being kidnapped. Artemis Fowl is about to learn a vital lesson: fairies don't back away from a fight. With unexpected retaliation and an unyielding spirit, these fairies are ready to defend their own. As Artemis soon discovers, crossing paths with them will have consequences far beyond his wildest imagination.

The Magic Faraway Tree: A New Adventure - Enid Blyton

Embark on a wondrous journey to the enchanting realm of the Magic Faraway Tree, a captivating new tale from bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson, set within the beloved world of Enid Blyton.

Meet three adventurous kids - Milo, Mia, and Birdy - who find themselves amidst a countryside holiday, stumbling upon the entrance to an Enchanted Wood. Amidst the rustling leaves, they encounter a majestic tree unlike any other - the Magic Faraway Tree. This towering wonderland is inhabited by a delightful array of creatures, including the endearing fairy Silky, her loyal companion Moonface, and many more magical beings. Birdy is overjoyed to learn that fairies do indeed exist, and even her older siblings are soon captivated by the tree's spellbinding magic.

As the children ascend through the branches, they discover astonishing and extraordinary lands beyond their wildest dreams, including the Land of Unicorns. Yet, amidst the enchantment, they must also face peril as danger lurks in the Land of Dragons. When a crisis arises, the question remains: will Moonface's magic prove powerful enough to rescue the children in time?

Inspired by Enid Blyton's cherished classic, The Magic Faraway Tree held a special place in Jacqueline Wilson's heart during her own childhood. Now, as Britain's most adored contemporary children's author, known for creating Hetty Feather and Tracy Beaker, Jacqueline Wilson revisits this beloved world, weaving a brand-new, magical tale destined to capture the imagination of the next generation of young readers. Discover the enchantment and charm of the Magic Faraway Tree as this timeless adventure unfolds before your eyes!

Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones

Within the beloved modern classic, we follow the tale of young Sophie Hatter, residing in the enchanting land of Ingary, as she unwittingly attracts the attention of the Witch of the Waste, leading to a life-changing spell.

Faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, Sophie resolves to take a bold step and sets out for the moving castle that hovers mysteriously above Market Chipping, her hometown. Unbeknownst to her, the castle is the domain of the dreaded Wizard Howl, rumoured to possess an insatiable appetite for the souls of young girls.

Undeterred and with nothing left to lose, Sophie finds herself within the bewitched castle, encountering its inhabitants - Michael, Howl's apprentice, and Calcifer, the fire demon. Despite her initial apprehensions, Sophie forges a pact with Calcifer, and through a series of enthralling events, she becomes entangled with the lives of Howl and Michael. The quest to break the curse that binds her takes centre stage, as Diana Wynne Jones weaves a tapestry of magic, humour, and boundless imagination.

As Sophie's journey unfolds, readers are drawn into a world where spells intertwine with unexpected camaraderie, and where courage and determination defy the darkest of enchantments. Diana Wynne Jones's unique storytelling brings to life an enchanting tapestry of magical adventures, leaving readers captivated by the wonders of Ingary and the indomitable spirit of its young heroine.

Spellstone - Ross Montgomery

In the realm of unnoticed existence, Evie has grown accustomed to blending into the background. However, a chance encounter with the enigmatic Wainwright unveils a revelation - her ability to slip under the radar may just hold the key to her exceptional nature. Suddenly thrust into a clandestine world of magic, Evie becomes a pivotal player in an ancient and mystical conflict.

As the tides of darkness rise once more, Evie finds herself at the epicenter of a battle between good and evil. Her unique abilities catch the attention of a secret magical organization, and she is tasked with a momentous responsibility - to thwart the resurgence of malevolence threatening the very fabric of the land. However, as doubts loom large, she grapples with an insurmountable question: How can she confront the most formidable sorcerer in existence when she has yet to fathom her own powers?

Guided by courage and resilience, Evie sets forth on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking the depths of her untapped potential. With each step, she gains insights into her true identity and harnesses the strength she never knew she possessed. The path to triumph is fraught with challenges and dangers, but Evie stands resolute in her determination to protect the realm from darkness and ensure a future brimming with hope.

In this riveting tale, the stakes are high, and Evie's journey to self-awareness becomes intertwined with the fate of an entire world. As she embarks on a quest to confront the most dangerous foe, she learns that her unique gift of going unnoticed is precisely what will set her apart in this gripping and magical battle between forces of light and shadow.

Mary Poppins - P. L. Travers

When the enchanting East Wind carries Mary Poppins into the home of the banks children, their world takes an exhilarating turn, forever altering their lives in the most delightful and unexpected ways.

With over eight decades since the inception of Mary Poppins, this original and classic story continues to captivate readers, casting a magical spell that transcends generations. Once again, readers young and old will be whisked away into the enigmatic realm of everyone's beloved and cherished magical nanny. Step into the pages of this beloved tale and journey alongside Mary Poppins as she weaves her enchanting wonders and imparts her timeless wisdom upon the hearts of readers, leaving behind a trail of joy and marvel for years to come.

The Bookshop at the Back of Beyond - Amy Sparkes

Nine and her intrepid companions have successfully vanquished the house's hiccups and now embark on a thrilling quest to the mysterious and utterly unpredictable Back of Beyond. Their mission? To locate Professor Dish, the trusted friend and alchemy partner of Spoon.

However, their journey takes an unexpected twist when they discover that Dish has been ensnared by the avaricious witch Ophidia, imprisoned deep within the basement of a most extraordinary shop. As challenges loom larger than ever, it becomes evident that their usual tricks, like Flabberghast's dicey magic and Nine's quick wit, may not suffice this time.

To emerge victorious against Ophidia's cunning, they must enlist the aid of a remarkably clever witch – one exceptionally adept at casting powerful curses. The stakes are high, and with Ophidia's sinister plans threatening to unravel the world they know, they need more than just their usual bag of tricks to save the day.

As the tale unfolds, brace yourself for a rollercoaster of magic, wit, and intrigue. Join Nine and her friends as they confront unforeseen challenges, forge unbreakable bonds, and unveil the depths of their bravery. This captivating story promises an exhilarating adventure where wit and wizardry collide, and where the true power of friendship and resourcefulness will be put to the test. So, get ready for a journey that will have you laughing, gasping, and cheering them on till the very last page!

For young readers enchanted by the magical world of Roald Dahl's Matilda, these 13 fantasy books offer an array of captivating adventures, mystical realms, and fantastical characters that will keep imaginations alight and pages turning. From hidden magic to quirky fairy tale quests, these books offer a magical escape that resonates with the wonder of Matilda's journey. So, pick up one of these enchanting reads and discover the possibilities that lie within the pages. 

Fantasy Books For Matilda Fans - 13 Fantasy Books Full Of Magic For Fans Of Roald Dahl’s Matilda

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