The Most Popular Food Channels On YouTube To Add To Your Subscriptions

If you’re a foodie and want to update your YouTube Subscriptions then check out these 15 popular food channels making videos about everything from irresistible street food, adventurous food tours across the world and must try plant-based recipes. 

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Pick Up Limes

2.45M Subscribers (as of January 2020)

Pick Up Limes is a YouTube food channel dedicated to foodies, minimalists, and travellers who post plant-based, vegan recipes for you to try. Pick Up Limes is run by Sadia, a Canadian foodie, dietetics graduate and YouTube creator who is living in the Netherlands.

Pick Up Limes has grown into a successful brand with a website full of vegan recipes to match allowing Sadia to hire a team and film high-quality videos in their purpose-built kitchen. Sadia’s recipe videos are easy to follow, indulgent yet healthy and have a very recognisable style, definitely one of the popular food channels to add to your YouTube subscriptions.

Pick Up Limes most popular videos include:

  • Quick Vegan Breakfast Ideas
  • A Beginner's Guide To Veganism
  • Vegan School Lunch Ideas
  • 5 Foods I Eat Everyday And So Should You

Add Pick Up Limes to your YouTube subscriptions for plant-based, vegan recipes.

The Bite Shot

171K Subscribers (as of January 2020)

If you are looking to improve your food photography then you must add The Bite Shot to your YouTube subscriptions. The Bite Shot is a food channel run by Joanie, a professional food photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She is self taught and uses her channel to provide resources for those starting out in food photography. She believes that you do not need fancy camera equipment to take fabulous food images and can take memorable shots in your home. The Bite Shot uploads videos every Thursday.

Some of the most popular videos on The Bite Shot include:

  • How To Shoot Food On Your Phone Like A Pro
  • 17 Tools For Food Stylin
  • DIY Backdrops For Food Photography
  • 5 Flat Lay Lighting Tips For Food Photography

Joanie from The Bite Shot can give you food photography tips in your YouTube subscriptions.

Man About Cake

712K Subscribers (as of January 2020)

Man About Cake a.k.a. Joshua John Russell (JJR), is an Atlanta cake decorator and artist who has a top food channel that you need to add to your YouTube subscriptions if you want to be able to design original cakes that will Impress your friends and family.

JJR uploads brand-new videos every week on a Tuesday and to date has over 712,000 subscribers. JJR‘s designs are incredibly detailed, very neat and sophisticated; he creates his own spin on trending decorating styles seen on social media and shows you how to recreate them in a classy way.

Man About Cake’s most popular creations include:

  • Dream Birthday Cake collaboration with iJustine
  • Halloween Gothic Wedding Cake
  • Purple Royal Wedding Cake
  • Moulding A Chocolate Octopus (yes, he calls it a Choctopus).

If you’re an aspiring cake decorator, add Man About Cake to your subscriptions.

Cupcake Jemma

1.71M Subscribers (as of January 2020)

Every week Jemma uploads a new cake-based recipe or how to video to her popular food channel Cupcake Jemma. She is based in London and owns Crumbs and Doilies, a shop based in Soho where they bake an entirely new menu of cakes and sweet treats every day of the week.

If you are looking for tutorials on how to make classic bakes and essential decorating tips for cupcakes then make sure you add Cupcake Jemma to your YouTube subscriptions. Jemma has a YouTube audience of over 1.71 million subscribers.

Cupcake Jemma's most popular videos include:

  • How To Make Perfect Buttercream Icing
  • How To Make The Best Of A Rainbow Cake
  • How To Make The Perfect Macarons
  • Cute Unicorn Cupcakes With Magic Horns And Ears

Soho cupcake shop owner Jemma (Cupcake Jemma) provides cake decorating tutorials in your YouTube subscriptions.

Food Insider

1.97 Million Subscribers (as of January 2020)

Food Insider is part of the Insider Network, you may have seen Business Insider on other social media platforms, however this is the food channel that you need to have in your YouTube subscriptions if you want to see some of the most iconic foods from around the world.

Food Insider's top videos include:

  • London's Most Authentic Cockney English Breakfast
  • LA’s Favourite Prime Rib Is Served In The Cities Oldest Family Owned Restaurant
  • Why The Crown At Is Still New York City Is The Most Legendary Dessert

With journalists located all over the world, Food Insider brings you exclusive food content and stories in one place. One of their most popular series is called How It’s Made where we are shown behind-the-scenes of iconic brands and the production of popular foods, including Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Sriracha Sauce and Pez Dispensers.

Travel the world in your YouTube subscriptions with Food Insider.


837K Subscribers (as of January 2020)

BeardMeetsFood is the food channel you need to add to your YouTube subscriptions for regular eating challenges, stunts and records. The channel is owned by the number one British competitive eater Adam Morran, who currently owns the British Record for the most Big Macs eaten and was the winner of the 2015 Yorkshire Pudding Eating World Championships in North Yorkshire. Adam is a former banker who lives in Leeds where he regularly uploads a couple of videos a week to his channel.

BeardMeatsFood's most popular challenges include:

  • The Biggest Pizza Challenge I’ve Ever Seen
  • The Undefeated Monster Mac And Cheese Burger Challenge
  • Hunger Games £10 Undefeated Barbecue Challenge
  • The Entire Mcdonald’s Breakfast Menu Challenge

BeardMeatsFood will add some epic food challenges to your YouTube subscriptions.

Mark Wiens

5.61M Subscribers (as of January 2020)

After leaving Arizona State University in 2008, Mark Wiens decided to travel for food. He eventually ended up in Thailand, met his wife there and now lives in Bangkok.

On his popular food channel you can find street food, travel vlogs and plenty of Thai food videos all released every Sunday and Wednesday. Mark is the owner of which focuses on learning about authentic local food from around the world as well as doing something you are passionate about.

Mark has also written several food travel guides on cities including Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul and Lisbon. In these guides he aims for you to eat like a local recommending the best restaurants, things to do, and prices and expenses. He's definitely one to add in your YouTube subscriptions!

Some of Mark Wiens most watched videos include:

  • Extreme Chinese Street Food
  • The Ultimate Dubai Food Tour
  • $3,000 Best Quality Wagyu Kobe Beef Ribeye From Japan
  • The Ultimately Mexican Street Food Tacos Tour Of Mexico City

If you also live to eat make sure Mike Weins is in your YouTube Subscriptions.

Jamie Oliver

4.76M Subscribers (as of January 2020)

If you are in the UK you probably know Jamie Oliver from his incredibly successful television shows over the last few decades so it is time to add him into your YouTube subscriptions!

Originally known asThe Naked Chef Jamie has embraced digital media probably unlike any other UK celebrity chef and started creating recipe videos for his audience of 4.76 million subscribers when the platform was just gaining popularity.

Alongside his television shows and new cookbook releases Jamie Oliver shares high-quality, easy to follow recipes for families on his popular food channel. His friend and mentor Gennaro Contaldo is a regular guest chef on his channel creating traditional Italian dishes such as Bolognese, Ragu, and tiramisu. Jamie has previously collaborated with Antonio Carluccio, the body coach, and his son Buddy Oliver (who really steals the show!)

Jamie Oliver’s Most Popular Videos Show Tips On:

  • How To Make The Perfect Scrambled Eggs
  • How To Cook The Perfect Steak
  • How To Make A Classic Carbonara

If you love Jamie Oliver on TV, try adding him to your YouTube subscriptions.

Binging with Babish

6.27M Subscribers (as of January 2020)

Binging With Babish is one for your YouTube subscriptions if you’ve always wanted to try the food that you have seen in movies and television. Food channel owner Andrew Rea is a self taught chef and filmmaker who experiments in his kitchen in Harlem, New York to an audience of 6.27 million subscribers.

His YouTube cooking show Binging With Babish has recreated:

  • The Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants
  • Jake's Perfect Sandwich from Adventure Time
  • Car Panini from Family Guy
  • Fried Chicken Lasagne And The Loofah Burger from The Boondocks

Binging With Babish brings movie magic to life in your YouTube subscriptions.

The Food Ranger

3.87M Subscribers (as of January 2020)

The Food Ranger is a YouTube food channel run by Trevor James who travels the world to eat street food and try local cuisine. Back in 2014, Trevor graduated from UBC in Vancouver and decided to move to Chengdu, China to shoot food videos and learn the language at the same time. He and his wife Ting now travel together to eat and share how friendly people are all over the world.

Trevor has a variety of food and travel guides including The Ultimate Guide To Ordering Dim Sum and The Guangzhou Food Guide (Ting’s hometown).

The Food Ranger's most popular videos on YouTube include:

  • Indian Street Food Tour In Mumbai
  • Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour In Islamic China
  • Insane Chinese Seafood $1500 Seafood Feast In Guangzhou China
  • Dubai Food, Traditional Emirati Cuisine In The United Arab Emirates

If you are interested in exploring international street food then The Food Ranger should definitely be added to your YouTube subscriptions.

Miniature Cusina

1.87M Subscribers (as of January 2020)

Something a bit different for your YouTube subscriptions now, Miniature Cuisina shares videos of miniature recipes created in a miniature kitchen with miniature utensils on their popular food channel.

Some of Miniature Cuisina’s most popular videos include:

  • Creating A Mini Mcdonald’s Burger And Fries
  • Miniature Shrimp And Chorizo Pasta
  • Unboxing Of New Additions To The Miniature Food And Utensil Collection

Get Miniature Cusina in your YouTube subscriptions to see the world’s smallest dishes.

Cooking With Sros

688K Subscribers (as of January 2020)

Cooking With Sros is based in Thailand and shares Thai family recipes and home-made food that she has learned from childhood cooking with her Mum, relatives and neighbours.

Sros cooks with a range of fresh ingredients and prepares meals completely outside surrounded by stunning nature.

She cooks with ingredients that you may have never experienced before including Monster Sea Snail, Horseshoe Crab, Dragon Fruit and, Razor Clams. Cooking with Sros is a food channel to add to your YouTube subscriptions for developing a broader food education.

Include some Thai cuisine into your YouTube subscriptions with Cooking With Sros.

Grandpa Kitchen

7.11M Subscribers (as of January 2020)

Grandpa Kitchen is an Indian cooking channel in which Narayana Reddy (born in 1946) cooked large dishes of Indian and Western food intended for orphaned children with his grandchildren near Hyderabad. Food and a good cause make it the perfect food channel to add to your YouTube subscriptions.

Grandpa Kitchen’s most popular uploads included:

  • The Biggest Oreo Chocolate Cake
  • A Giant Veggie Pizza
  • A Huge Bowl Of Butter Chicken
  • A Extra Large Prawn Biryani

His first video was uploaded in August 2017 and called King Of 2000 Eggs and by November 2019 he had uploaded 220 videos. Narayana was well known for his modest approach to cooking, donations and white handlebar moustache. Unfortunately, he stopped uploading cooking videos due to health issues and sadly passed away in October 2019. However his family, who regularly appeared in his videos and coped with him, said they would continue his work by making subsequent videos which are regularly uploaded today.

Get the Grandpa Kitchen Channel in your YouTube subscriptions for some feel good food content.

Best Ever Food Review Show

4.29M Subscribers (as of January 2020)

Sonny is from the USA but currently lives in Vietnam. He has been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document his experiences and Best Ever Food Review Show which explores unique foods from each country that he visits.

This includes the best street food to traditional markets and he states that nothing is off limits! He currently has over 4.29 million subscribers and has a range of international food playlists for you to enjoy.

Top Playlists from the Best Ever Food Review Show:

  • Cuban Food Tour
  • Vietnamese Food Tour
  • Rare Japanese Food Tour
  • Iran Food Tour

The Best Ever Food Review Show takes you on a food tour of Iran, Hong Kong and further in your YouTube subscriptions.

Strictly Dumpling

3M Subscribers (as of January 2020)

Strictly Dumpling is a YouTube Food Channel owned by Mikey Chen who says he lives to eat food! Mikey was born in China and grew up in the USA where he worked as a former Morgan Stanley Financial Analyst but now works in Television and Digital Strategy. He started making YouTube videos back in 2013 and claims 'the best way to explore a new culture is taking a bite out of it'.

Strictly Dumpling shows Mikey trying unlikely foods from around the world including:

  • Egyptian Barbecue
  • Bone Marrow Biryani In Pakistan
  • A Traditional Cambodian Breakfast Barbecue
  • An All You Can Eat Japanese Steak Buffet

Strictly Dumpling is one to add to your YouTube subscriptions if you want to travel the world tasting some of the most surprising food you can think of.

All information listed in this article was correct as of 20/12/19. Listed in no particular order. This article is not a paid promotion.

Popular Food Channels On YouTube - The Most Popular Food Channels On YouTube To Add To Your Subscriptions

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