Big Boys Facts Every Fan Of Jack Rooke Should Know

Created and written by Jack Rooke, Big Boys follows the life of Jack, a first-year university student in 2013 who is coming to terms with his sexuality while coping with the grief of his father's death. Our Big Boys facts include how much of the series is based on creator Jack Rooke’s real life, which cast member playing a student is actually 36 and why it has been compared to comedy written by Victoria Wood.

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Big Boys is a British television sitcom that premiered in 2022 on Channel 4 and became available on All 4. Created and written by Jack Rooke, the series follows the life of Jack, a first-year university student, and his experiences living with Danny, a mature student. Set in 2013, the show explores Jack's journey of self-discovery and coming to terms with his sexuality while coping with the grief of his father's death.

The main character, Jack, is portrayed by Dylan Llewellyn. Jack is a closeted and shy 19-year-old student on a journalism scholarship. He is still grieving over his father's passing and finds himself unaccustomed to the bustling social life of university, having been isolated at home for the past few years with his mother. Jon Pointing plays Danny, a 25-year-old mature student. Danny is enthusiastic about nights out and tries to charm female students, all while managing his mental health struggles and taking antidepressants.

The cast also includes Katy Wix as Jules, a former Brent Uni student-turned-student union officer who approaches new student integration with overwhelming zeal. Camille Coduri portrays Peggy, Jack's mother, who conceals her concerns about her son leaving for university and is unaware of Jack's sexuality. Izuka Hoyle takes on the role of Corinne, a serious and studious character who seeks to let loose and have fun. Olisa Odele plays Yemi, a gay fashion student who supports Jack in exploring his sexuality at university.

Big Boys has gained critical acclaim for its portrayal of themes such as grief, coming of age, and sexuality with a delicate touch. The series combines humour with profound moments, captivating viewers with its heartfelt storytelling. The talented cast brings the show to life, endearing themselves to the audience through their performances.

Our Big Boys facts include how much of the series is based on creator Jack Rooke’s real life, which cast member playing a student is actually 36 and why it has been compared to comedy written by Victoria Wood.

1. Big Boys Is Based On Jack Rooke’s Live Comedy Shows

Based on Jack Rooke's comedy stage shows, including "Good Grief," "Happy Hour," and "Love Letters," Big Boys draws inspiration from Rooke's own life, making it semi-autobiographical. The series successfully strikes a balance between truth and fiction, presenting a relatable and engaging narrative.

2. It Had An Average Viewership Of 410,000 Within Seven Days Of Broadcast

Audiences have been drawn to Big Boys due to its ability to address significant themes while maintaining a light-hearted tone. The show has resonated with viewers, who appreciate its blend of comedy and poignant storytelling. With an average viewership of 410,000 within seven days of broadcast and an expanded viewership through on-demand platforms, Big Boys has garnered a strong following.

Viewership on non-television devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, the series achieved an average of 669,000 viewers.

3. Big Boys Is 50% True To Life

Jack Rooke has described the series Big Boys as semi-autobiographical. When asked about the degree of truthfulness to his own life portrayed in the show, Rooke responded by saying it's "about fifty-fifty."

The announcement of the show's commissioning was made in November 2020, after a pilot had been filmed around 2018. 

4. A Second Series Has Already Been Commissioned

Channel 4 Television made an announcement on the 23rd August 2022, stating that they have commissioned Roughcut TV to produce a second series of the comedy, slated for release in 2023.

5. Victoria Coren Mitchell Is A Big Fan

In a review for The Telegraph, Victoria Coren Mitchell wrote that Big Boys "triggers tears in the eyes from both comedy and poignancy, which is very hard to do in a first series" and also compared Jack Rooke's writing and lines to Victoria Wood.

6. Big Boys Is Award Winning

Big Boys and Jack Rooke won the award for Best TV Situation Comedy at the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards.

7. What Happens In Series Two Of Big Boys?

In Series Two, the entire gang of Brent University ventures into their second year in 2014. This time around, they face a myriad of challenges, including grappling with lingering virginity concerns, exploring various forms of drug experimentation (both legal and otherwise), and Jack's unwavering fascination with Alison Hammond. Unlike their first year, their academic pursuits now carry more significance as their degrees truly matter.

Simultaneously, Jack's family continues to navigate life following the loss of his father, embarking on a new chapter alongside the university gang. Additionally, Danny confronts his past and learns valuable lessons on managing his mental health issues. 

8. Series Two Of Big Boys Has More Of The Popular Cast

Jack Rooke has said about his second series, “Big Boys will start second year even dafter, sillier and BIGGER than before! Fresh from Derry Girls we have pinched Dylan Llewellyn back to play Jack, alongside BAFTA nominee Jon Pointing and recent BAFTA Scotland winner Izuka Hoyle as Danny & Corinne.”

“The nations favourite gay icons Camille Coduri and Olisa Odele return to mischief as Peggy and Yemi. We’ve got more of the hilarious Harriet Webb as party planning Cousin Shannon with the legendary Annette Badland as Nan Bingo.”

“And lastly, as I speak, I am watching Katy Wix in an orange polo shirt with a cheeky VK in one hand and a huge foam finger on the other. It is a dream come true!”

9. Dylan Llewellyn Studied At RADA

While his character Jack attended the fictional Brent University, Dylan Llewellyn attended the prestigious RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and did a Foundation in Acting. Jon Pointing, who plays Danny in Big Boys, studied at the University of Winchester.

10. Jon Pointing Is 36 In The First Season Of Big Boys

Despite playing a university student in Big Boys, Jon Pointing is actually 36 and recently married. Dylan Llewellyn is also 30 in the first season of Big Boys.

Big Boys Facts - Big Boys Facts Every Fan Of Jack Rooke Should Know

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