82 Sabrina The Teenage Witch Facts That Every 90s Kid Should Know

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a beloved American sitcom that aired from 1996 to 2003 based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina Spellman. Melissa Joan Hart portrays Sabrina while Hilda and Zelda are played by Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick. Our Sabrina The Teenage Witch facts include how close the series was to the original Archie Comics character, why the production got rid of and later reintroduced Nate Richert and why there were always 7 Salem the Cats on set!

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a beloved American sitcom that aired from 1996 to 2003. The show follows the life of Sabrina Spellman, a teenage girl who discovers on her sixteenth birthday that she comes from a long line of witches. Adapted from the Archie Comics series of the same name, Sabrina the Teenage Witch combines elements of fantasy, comedy, and coming-of-age storytelling.

Melissa Joan Hart portrays the titular character, Sabrina who is a smart, kind-hearted teenager. She must navigate the challenges of high school while embracing her newfound magical abilities. She is often accompanied by her witty and sarcastic talking black cat, Salem, voiced by Nick Bakay. Sabrina's aunts, Hilda and Zelda, played by Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick, serve as her magical guardians and provide guidance as she learns to harness her powers.

Sabrina's “mortal” friends are also an integral part of the show. Harvey Kinkle, portrayed by Nate Richert, is her love interest. Sabrina's best friend, Valerie, played by Lindsay Sloane.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch captivated audiences with its blend of humour, magic, and relatable teenage experiences. The show offers a unique take on the challenges of adolescence, exploring themes of self-acceptance, friendship, and balancing a secret identity. Sabrina's struggles to fit in, deal with school issues, and navigate romantic relationships resonate with viewers, as they mirror the universal experiences of teenagers.

Our Sabrina The Teenage Witch facts include how close the series was to the original Archie Comics character, why the production got rid of and later reintroduced Nate Richert and why there were always 7 Salem the Cats on set!

1. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Is Based On The Archie Comics Character

It is based on the beloved Archie Comics series of the same name. The show made its debut on September 27, 1996, on ABC as part of its "T.G.I.F." lineup and drew in a massive audience of over 17 million viewers.

While the animated comic book series is set in the fictional town of Greendale, the television adaptation takes place in the fictitious Boston suburb of Westbridge, Massachusetts.

2. The Comic Book Character Has Always Known Of Her Magic

Melissa Joan Hart takes on the lead role of Sabrina Spellman, an American teenager who discovers on her 16th birthday that she possesses magical powers. This differs from the original Archie Comics series, where Sabrina has been aware of her powers since a young age. 

3. Hilda And Zelda Are 600 Years Old

In Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Sabrina resides with her 600-year-old aunts, Hilda (played by Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (played by Beth Broderick), who are also witches. Together, they live in the enchanting 133 Collins Road in the fictional town of Westbridge, Massachusetts, situated in the Greater Boston area. 

4. It Switched From ABC To The WB

The series initially aired on ABC for its first four seasons, with its final episode on the network airing on May 5, 2000. The remaining three seasons were then picked up by The WB and ran from September 22, 2000, to April 24, 2003.

5. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Is Similar To Bewitched

Sabrina The Teenage Witch's premise and its quirkiness drew comparisons to the beloved 1960s series Bewitched.

In Sabrina's college dorm's living room, there was a street sign for Ashmont Terrace. This was a nod to the production company Ashmont, which was owned by William Asher and Elizabeth Montgomery during the later seasons of Bewitched (1964).

6. Sabrina Mixes Pop Culture References With Real Witch History

Sabrina frequently references contemporary icons like Britney Spears and the band No Doubt. The series also intertwines human history with witch history, touching upon events like the Salem witch hunt. However, Sabrina's aunt Zelda enlightens her that it wasn't a quest to unveil real witches. Hilda mentions that there was a time when a bunny ruled England for two months, prompting the witches' council to manipulate time, subtly highlighting the ignorance of mortals. Additionally, an episode playfully suggests that talk show host Jerry Springer is a witch while hosting The Jerry Springer Show in the other realm.

7. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Spans 7 Years

Spanning seven seasons, the show chronicles Sabrina's journey over the course of seven years, although each season does not necessarily correspond to a single year.

Season 1 and 2 cover a year each, with Sabrina being 16 and 17. Her age is not explicitly mentioned in Season 3, but in the Season 4 opening episode, she turns 18, indicating that Season 3 also covers her being 17. 

Season 4 revolves around her 18th birthday and that year. Season 5 starts a summer later, with Sabrina being 19, and she spends three years at college studying journalism, which is depicted in Seasons 5 and 6. 

By the beginning of Season 7, she has graduated (as she's living in the Spellman House with Roxie and Morgan and working), indicating an age progression to 22 over two seasons, covering three in-universe years. In the final season, Sabrina is 23 years old.

8. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Originally A Film 

The series' unofficial pilot came in the form of the television movie Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which aired in April 1996. Produced by Viacom and Hartbreak Films, the movie featured Melissa Joan Hart as the protagonist, Sabrina Sawyer, and Charlene Fernetz and Sherry Miller as Sabrina's aunts, Zelda and Hilda, respectively. 

However, when the television series premiered on ABC later that year, Hart assumed the role of Spellman, and Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea took over as Zelda and Hilda Spellman.

9. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Had Iconic Costume Change Titles Until Season 4

In the opening titles of the first three seasons, Sabrina is seen posing in front of a mirror with four different costumes and outfits, while the names of the cast members quickly flash at the bottom of the screen. The first three outfits remain the same, but the fourth one changes in each episode. Towards the end, Sabrina would deliver a line related to the last costume, often a pun or a joke related to the episode's content, before magically disappearing from the frame, starting from her head and moving downward.

For the fourth season, the opening sequence underwent a complete change. It introduced a new theme song and showcased the main characters of the show. The sequence featured Sabrina and the others floating in bubbles, with their names displayed in golden letters, accompanied by a background chant of "Secret."

10. Season 5’s Credits Included A New Song To Reference Sabrina’s New College Life

The opening credits for the final three seasons featured a new vocal theme song and showcased Sabrina at various locations around Boston, including Harvard Bridge, Boston Common, Union Oyster House, Massachusetts State House, Quincy Market, Newbury Street, Harvard University, Tufts University, and Beacon Hill. 

In the credits for Seasons 5 and 6, Sabrina is shown leaving Newbury Comics on Newbury Street, walking down a flight of stairs, and then being transformed by computer graphics into her room, where she lies on her bed next to Salem. 

In the seventh and final season, the computer graphics depict Sabrina arriving at Scorch, but upon pushing the door open, she is revealed to be walking into her house to greet Roxie, Morgan, and Salem.

11. Sabrina’s House Is In Freehold, New Jersey

The house depicted as the Spellman residence is a Victorian mansion located at 64 E. Main St. in Freehold, New Jersey.

12. Sabrina’s High School Is In Englewood, New Jersey

The exteriors of Westbridge High School are actually shots of Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood, New Jersey.

13. Many Of Sabrina’s Friends Left The Series

The show experienced several cast changes throughout its run. The first change occurred at the end of the first season, with the unexplained departure of Sabrina's best friend Jenny Kelly (Michelle Beaudoin) and her teacher Mr. Pool (Paul Feig).

In the fourth season, Valerie permanently left the show, along with Libby. Valerie's character moved away to Alaska with her family, while Libby transferred to a boarding school.

Sabrina's love interest Josh, played by David Lascher, left for Prague after appearing from Seasons 4 to 6. Lascher reportedly wanted to explore other projects. To fill the void, the producers introduced Aaron, portrayed by Dylan Neal, as Sabrina's love interest in the show's last season.

14. Nate Richert Was Initially Dropped To Show Sabrina’s Transition To College

Following the fourth season, several secondary actors exited the show, including Martin Mull and Nate Richert, who portrayed Sabrina's boyfriend Harvey since the first season. The decision to drop Harvey's character was initially made to give the show a fresh look as Sabrina was about to start college. However, this choice was later reversed, and Richert returned for three episodes in Season 5 before becoming a series regular again in Seasons 6 and 7.

15. Rhea And Broderick Left The Show In Season 6

After the sixth season, Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick, who played Sabrina's aunts since the show's premiere, decided to leave. As Sabrina transitioned to college, the roles of her aunts became less prominent. Broderick felt that Zelda had reached its creative limits, while Rhea pursued her own talk show, The Caroline Rhea Show.

16. The Character Miles Was Dropped After Not Gelling With Audiences

Trevor Lissauer, who portrayed Sabrina's housemate Miles, departed the show after appearing in Seasons 5 and 6. Producers believed that his character did not resonate well with fans and also needed to make budget cuts for the final season. Miles was not given a proper exit, leaving his fate uncertain.

17. UK Audiences Could Watch Sabrina On CITV

In the United Kingdom, Sabrina was previously broadcasted on ITV and Nickelodeon, and later on Pop Girl, a free-to-air children's channel. The series underwent slight content edits for UK children's channels. 

From July 2012 to October 2015, it aired on The Vault, which initially broadcasted the first two seasons and the subsequent movies. It has been airing on 4Music since 2019 and was previously on Trace Vault (formerly The Vault) since 2014. 

In October 2021, the entire series became available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video but was removed at the end of September 2022.

18. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Renamed “Academy Of Witchcraft” In Russia

In Russia, the series debuted on the TV channel "Russia" on November 8, 2003, initially airing as "Academy of Witchcraft" and showing the first season until January 31, 2004. Later, all seven seasons were broadcasted from 2004 to 2006 on the STS channel, premiering on March 9, 2004.

19. Some Musical Performances Were Cut On DVD Due To Licensing

CBS Home Entertainment (through Paramount Home Entertainment) released seasons 1-3 on DVD in 2007. Subsequently, CBS released seasons 4-7. CBS Studios Productions, LLC holds the official copyright for the series, as with all series originally produced by Viacom Productions. The home video release features altered music and edited episodes, with some musical performances being cut due to licensing issues.

20. It Was Valued At $1.5 Million Per Episode

During its four-year run on ABC, Sabrina was the highest-rated series among the network's TGIF lineup. In the 2000-2001 season, the show moved to The WB after a negotiation dispute with ABC. While ABC was open to renewing the show for a fifth season, they were not willing to meet the reported $1.5 million per episode price demanded by Viacom Productions, the show's producer. The WB acquired the show for a reduced rate of $675,000 per episode and committed to 66 episodes.

21. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Has Three Video Games

On June 11, 1999, Knowledge Adventure, in collaboration with Simon & Schuster Interactive and Havas Interactive, officially announced the release of three video games: Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Spellbound, Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Brat Attack, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Bundle of Magic. These games were developed for Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

On March 29, 2001, Knowledge Adventure, Simon & Schuster Interactive, and Havas Interactive announced the video game Sabrina the Teenage Witch: A Twitch in Time! for the PlayStation game system.

22. There Was An Animated Sabrina The Teenage Witch Spin Off

During the fourth season of the live-action show, an animated spin-off titled Sabrina: The Animated Series aired. Sabrina's role in the animated series was voiced by Emily Hart, the younger sister of Melissa Joan Hart.  Melissa Joan Hart provided the voices for both aunts, Hilda and Zelda. 

23. There Were Two More Spin Offs Without Melissa Joan Hart

This series was followed by a television film called Sabrina: Friends Forever, which was subsequently followed by another series titled Sabrina's Secret Life. Neither Emily Hart nor Melissa Joan Hart reprised their roles for the television film or the follow-up series.

24. There Was Going To Be An Animated Salem Spin Off

 An animated spin-off centred around Salem the Cat was also planned for the 2001-02 season but was ultimately cancelled.

25. Ashley Tisdale Played Sabrina The Teenage Witch In 2013

In 2013, a new animated spin-off titled Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch was produced by Hub Network. This version portrays Sabrina (voiced by Ashley Tisdale) as a witch princess in training, destined to rule the other realm.

26. Melissa Joan Hart’s Sister Plays Cousin Amanda

Sabrina's cousin Amanda, who was known for being annoying, was portrayed by Emily Hart, the sister of Melissa Joan Hart.

27. Melissa Joan Hart’s Didn’t Audition As Her Mother Owned The Rights

Melissa Joan Hart did not have to go through an audition process to secure the role of Sabrina Spellman. Her mother, Paula Hart, was a producer of Sabrina The Teenage Witch and held the rights to Archie Comics adaptations, so Melissa was chosen directly for the role.

28. Salem The Cat Also Starred In Hocus Pocus!

The animatronic cat used in the show is the same one that was previously featured in the film Hocus Pocus (1993) as Thackery Binx!

29. Sabrina And Salem Appear In All Episodes Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch 

Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina and Nick Bakay as Salem the cat are the only two actors who appear in all episodes of the show.

30. The Sabrina The Teenage Witch Had 7 Cats On At Once!

During production, there were typically seven real cats on set at any given time, along with two animatronic cats and two stuffed animal cats that were used for scenes unsuitable for the real felines.

31. Caroline Rhea Took Some Time To Get Used To Her Marks

According to IMDB, Caroline Rhea, who portrayed Hilda Spellman, had difficulty hitting her marks without looking in the first two seasons. As a result, Beth Broderick would often guide her to the correct position when they entered scenes together.

32. Melissa Joan Hart Was 20 When The Series Premiered

Despite the show's title, Melissa Joan Hart was already twenty years old when Sabrina premiered. The subtitle "The Teenage Witch" was used to avoid any confusion with the film Sabrina (1995), which was released by the show's distributor at the time, Paramount.

33. There Is A Dark Shadows Reference

Sabrina's address in the show is 113 Collins Road, which is a reference to the Gothic ghosts and witchcraft series Dark Shadows (1966). The character Angelique Bouchard and the Collins Family were featured in Dark Shadows.

34. Emily Hart Guest Starred In Every Season

Emily Hart is the only guest star who appeared in all seven seasons of the show, and her appearances in the seventh season span multiple episodes.

35. Melissa Joan Hart And Britney Spears Collaborated Frequently

Britney Spears made a guest appearance on Sabrina The Teenage Witch and performed "(You Drive Me) Crazy," which was also the title song for Melissa Joan Hart's movie Drive Me Crazy (1999). Hart herself appeared in Spears' music video for the same song.

36. Westbridge And Salem Share The Same ZIP Code

The fictional town of Westbridge, Massachusetts, where Sabrina resides, shares the zip code 01970 with Salem, Massachusetts, known as the "Witch City."

37. Sabrina And Libby Were Friends Off Screen

Despite the constant on-screen feud between Sabrina and Libby, Melissa Joan Hart and Jenna Leigh Green, who played Libby, developed a close friendship and would hang out together on days when they weren't filming.

38. The Head Of The Witches Council Is A Real Magician

Magician and entertainer Penn Jillette portrayed Drell, the head of the Witches Council, who possessed magical abilities. In real life, Penn is one half of the magic performing duo Penn & Teller. In his episode, Teller, who is known for his silent role in their performances, appeared alongside him but did not have any lines.

39. There Is A Sabrina And Charmed Crossover

Several guests who appeared on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch also made appearances on another popular witch-themed show, Charmed (1998), including both actors who portrayed Josh's parents.

40. Actor Phil Fondacaro Has A Troll Connection

Phil Fondacaro, who had a recurring role as Roland the Troll, also starred as the title character in the cult movie Troll (1986).

41. The Final Song To Play On The Show Was By No Doubt

The final song played on the show was "Running" by No Doubt.

42. Melissa Joan Hart Rarely Watched Her Performances

Due to her demanding work schedule, Melissa Joan Hart rarely had the opportunity to watch the show when it originally aired. Working until the early hours of Saturday morning, she would receive Sabrina The Teenage Witch episodes on VHS but seldom found time to watch them, as her work week typically exceeded seventy hours.

43. Each Episode Took A Week To Produce

Each episode of the show took a week to produce, with two days dedicated to rehearsals and three days for filming. The presence of numerous visual effects in Sabrina The Teenage Witch prevented the use of a live studio audience, so a laugh track was added during post-production.

44. Lindsay Sloane Played Two Characters

Lindsay Sloane, who portrayed Valerie, Sabrina's best friend in seasons two and three, also appeared as the mermaid Fin in Sabrina, Down Under (1999).

45. Sabrina Was The Only TGIF Sitcom To Be Released On DVD

As of 2016, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch is one of only five former "TGIF" sitcoms to have its entire series released on DVD. The other shows that have seen a complete DVD release are Family Matters (1989), Full House (1987), Dinosaurs (1991), and Boy Meets World (1993).

46. Melissa Joan Hart Dreamed Of Having Elizabeth Montgomery Guest Star

Alice Ghostley, who portrayed Esmeralda on Bewitched (1964), was the only regular or recurring cast member from the original show to make an appearance on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Melissa Joan Hart expressed her desire to have Elizabeth Montgomery, the star of Bewitched, as a guest on the show if she were still alive at the time of its production. Unfortunately, Montgomery passed away in May 1995, several months before the Sabrina franchise was green-lit.

47. Archie Comics Aren’t Mentioned In The Series

Despite being a spin-off of the Archie Comics, Sabrina's show never mentioned Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, or any other characters from the Riverdale gang.

48. Melissa Joan Hart Got Into Trouble For “Sexualising” Sabrina

During the fourth season of Sabrina, Melissa Joan Hart allegedly faced the possibility of being fired from the show. She had participated in a photo shoot for Maxim Magazine to promote her movie Drive Me Crazy, but the magazine advertised the feature as Sabrina posing rather than Melissa. Hart had previously signed a contract with Archie Comics, the owners of the Sabrina brand, stating that she would never portray Sabrina in a naked or sexual manner, as they were keen on preserving their wholesome image. Despite playing a teenage character, Hart was actually 23 years old at that point.

49. There Is No Halloween Episode In Season Seven

Season seven is the only season of the show that does not have a Halloween episode.

50. The Title Sequence Is Inspired By Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s From 1961

In the show's title sequence, one of the outfits Sabrina changes into is inspired by Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961). This character was portrayed by Audrey Hepburn, who also played the title role in the film Sabrina (1954).

51. Nate Richert And Lindsay Sloane Dated In Real Life

During Season 2 of the show, when Harvey and Sabrina were seeing other people, Harvey went on dates with Valerie. Interestingly, Nate Richert, who played Harvey, and Lindsay Sloane were actually dating in real life at the time.

52. There Is A Turkish Version Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch

There is a Turkish version of the show called Acemi Cadi (2006). It translates to “Novice Witch” in English.

53. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Influenced By Bell, Book And Candle

The timeless classic film "Bell, Book, and Candle" had a significant influence on various movies and TV series centred around witches, including Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed (1998), The Good Witch (2008), The Good Witch (2015), and many more, establishing a sub-genre focused on witches and warlocks.

54. Bumper Robinson Played Two Different Characters

Bumper Robinson portrayed two characters on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch; Clifford Weaver in a season one episode and James in multiple episodes of season seven.

55. Barbara Eden Guest Stars From I Dream of Jeannie

Barbara Eden made guest appearances in the sixth and seventh seasons of the show, portraying Aunt Irma. As a tribute to her iconic role in the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, both Irma and Jeannie cast their magic spells by crossing their arms.

56. Sabrina’s Mother’s Maiden Name Is Becker

Sabrina's mother's maiden name was revealed to be Becker in season five, episode four titled "You Can't Twin." This information was shared when the aunts ensured that Sabrina and Katrina switched back.

57. Netflix Rebooted The Sitcom In 2018 With Kiernan Shipka From Mad Men

A darker reboot of the sitcom titled Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) was created. It is notable for being the only instance where a sitcom was rebooted as an hour-long drama. Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick made cameo appearances in the finale of this incarnation.

58. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Had A Crossover With Boy Meets World

The show had a two-part crossover with Boy Meets World. In one episode, Eric goes on a date with Sabrina, unaware that she is a witch, after vowing to avoid them. The following episode continues from the Sabrina episode where Salem eats a time ball. After hearing the kids talk about World War II, Salem activates the time ball, transporting them back to 1943.

59. Hart And Broderick Have Worked Together Since On Other Projects

Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina) and Beth Broderick (Zelda) also appeared together on Melissa & Joey (2010) and in A Very Merry Toy Store (2017).

60. Melissa Joan Hart Disliked Playing Sabrina Due To Her Introverted Nature

In interviews, Melissa Joan Hart has openly admitted that she did not enjoy playing the role of Sabrina, explaining that she struggled to identify with Sabrina's reserved and introverted nature, which contrasted with her own outgoing real-life personality.

61. Salem Is Named After The Famous Witch Trials

The character of Salem the cat was named after the infamous Salem witch trials, and coincidentally, he lived with three witches. In an early episode, Sabrina goes on a field trip where the Salem witch trials are discussed, and she is accused of being a witch by Libby and her friends.

62. Mortals Would Be Cursed If Sabrina Revealed Her Magic To Them

If Sabrina reveals her secret to a mortal under the wrong circumstances, the person is afflicted with a curse, such as being turned into wax. Roxie managed to escape such a fate because she didn't believe Sabrina, remaining unaware of her secret.

63. The WB Wanted To Drop “The Teenage Witch”

When the series moved to The WB network in 2000, the network attempted to change the title to simply "Sabrina" since Sabrina was no longer a teenager at that point. However, Archie Comics, the owners of the Sabrina brand, did not allow the change. The network referred to the series as "Sabrina" or "Sabrina Goes to College" in promos while downplaying the "Teenage Witch" aspect of the title on-screen.

64. Soleil Moon Frye Is A Long Time Friend Of Melissa Joan Hart

The introduction of Roxie as Sabrina's college roommate was a result of Soleil Moon Frye and Melissa Joan Hart's long standing friendship from their days as child actors. They wanted to work together on the show.

65. Nate Richert Was Legally Emancipated From His Parents

Nate Richert, who portrayed Harvey, was seventeen during the first season and had been legally emancipated to allow him to work longer hours.

66. Sarah Paulson Nearly Starred As Jenny In Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Michelle Beaudoin landed the role of Jenny Kelley on the show, but Sarah Paulson and A.J. Langer were also considered for the part before her.

67. Michelle Beaudoin Claimed She Was Axed As Sabrina Due To Diversity

Michelle Beaudoin claimed in interviews that she was removed from the show as Jenny because the network wanted Sabrina to have an ethnically diverse best friend. Ironically, Jenny's replacement, Valerie, was white. However, in the fourth season, Sabrina's best friend Dreama was portrayed by a Black actor. Additionally, the animated series Sabrina the Animated Series introduced an African-American friend named Chloe for the character.

68. Tom McGowan And Paul Feig Have Worked Together Before

Tom McGowan, who played Principal Larue, and Paul Feig, who portrayed Mr. Pool, both appeared in the film Heavyweights (1995).

69. One Minor Character Had Previously Acted In Adult Entertainment

Paul Michael Robinson, who portrayed Zak in the fidelity round of the True Love Test, had previously acted in adult films. According to Melissa Joan Hart's autobiography, this information was not known when he was cast and was only discovered later.

70. David Lasher And Eliza Donavon Were In A Clueless Sitcom

David Lasher, who played Josh, and Eliza Donavon, who portrayed Morgan, both appeared in the sitcom version of Clueless (1996) as different characters, Josh and Amber.

71. Jon Huertas Was 30 Years Old On Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Jon Huertas, who played Hunter Brad Alcerro, was nearly 30 years old when he portrayed the teenage witch.

72. Originally Sabrina Was Created By A Spell Gone Wrong

In the original Archie comics, Sabrina was created by Hilda and Zelda through a potion gone wrong. However, in the show, she is depicted as a half-human/half-witch who was raised and trained by her full witch aunts, Hilda and Zelda, due to the "rules" of the show's universe.

73. When On Earth Is Josh’s Birthday?

In season four, episode fifteen titled "Love in Bloom," Josh declares himself a Capricorn. However, in season six, episode seven titled "Hex, Lies, and No Video Tape," Sabrina states that he is a Pisces, and he agrees with her on the matter.

74. Melissa Joan Hart’s Half Sister Stars As Allie In Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Melissa and Emily Hart's half-sibling, Alexandra Hart Gilliams (from their mother's second marriage), portrays Allie, Cousin Amanda's troublesome little sister, who only appears in Season 3.

75. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Originally Shot At Universal

While the first season was shot at Universal Studios, the series moved to Paramount Studios for the second season due to the underlying rights to the program being held by Paramount at the time.

76. The Wrestling Storyline Is Similar To One In Charmed

In one episode, Sabrina is required to win a pro wrestling match against Billy Gunn, a wrestler from the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). This episode parallels an episode of Charmed where the witches must win a pro wrestling match against three wrestlers from World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

77. Sabrina’s Driver’s Licence Number Is…

Sabrina's Massachusetts driver's licence number is 520458799.

78. Pyrotechnic Devices Were Used On Set Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch

During the early seasons, Hilda's magical special effects were created using an on-set pyrotechnic device. Caroline Rhea, who portrayed Hilda, revealed that the crew member operating the device wasn't very skilled. In the later seasons, CGI was used to generate the clouds of smoke that accompanied Hilda's "magic."

79. Kathy Griffin Nearly Played Aunt Hilda

Kathy Griffin was offered the role of Aunt Hilda but had already committed to the show Suddenly Susan (1996).

80. Hilda Was Punished By Law To Look After Salem

Salem lives with the Spellmans because Hilda was one of his accomplices when he attempted to take over the world. As a punishment, Salem was sentenced to live as a cat for 100 years, and Hilda's penance was to keep him worm-free for a century.

81. Libby Chester Was Nearly Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank auditioned for the role of Libby Chester but turned it down in favour of filming Leaving L.A. (1997), and Jenna Leigh Green was ultimately cast. Amanda Peet also auditioned for a role on the show. Natasha Lyonne also auditioned for a role on the show.

82. Christina Hendricks Nearly Played Roxie King

Rachel Blanchard, Rose McGowan, and Christina Hendricks were among the actors auditioned for the role of Roxie King before Soleil Moon Frye got cast.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Facts - 82 Sabrina The Teenage Witch Facts That Every 90s Kid Should Know

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