What To Take To University Checklist For Freshers

Moving to University is both fun and overwhelming so we’ve put together the ultimate checklist for freshers so you can make sure that you have everything you need. What to take to University is one of the most Googled questions every Summer so don’t forget to take a look at our list of commonly forgotten items as well as the important items, then you can focus on making your room look fun! 

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Moving to University is both fun and overwhelming so we’ve put together the ultimate checklist for freshers so you can make sure that you have everything you need. What to take to University is one of the most Googled questions every Summer so don’t forget to take a look at our list of commonly forgotten items as well as the important items, then you can focus on making your room look fun! 

Commonly Forgotten Items

  • A Mattress Protector
  • Blue Tac/Drawing Pins to put up posters
  • Tupperware for leftovers or to each lunch away from your halls
  • A bottle opener - extra points if it's a humorous one
  • Discount cards or loyalty cards to save money i.e. 16-25 Railcard
  • Ear plugs if you are a light sleeper - halls can be noisy!
  • Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, as when you'll be pleased when you need them.
  • A Winter Coat or Wet Weather Coat
  • A hot water bottle for muscle or period pain
  • An Umbrella
  • Cash just in case you lose your card!
  • Multivitamins to make sure you get your recommended allowances
  • A door stop to keep your door open so you can say hello to your neighbours


  • Drinking glasses
  • Your favourite mug
  • Plates and Bowls which are microwave safe
  • Cutlery (you will end up losing this!)
  • Tea Towels
  • A sauce pan, a frying pan and a baking tray
  • Tin foil for cooking and clingfilm for leftovers
  • Washing up liquid and sponge (you will want to keep this to yourself!)
  • Tin opener, Vegetable peeler, Spatula and Wooden Spoon
  • Bin Bags
  • A kitchen knife (you do not need a whole set or a knife block)
  • Chopping boards
  • Measuring jug
  • Colander
  • Cheese Grater
  • Teabags and your favourite coffee!
  • An ice cube tray for smoothies, cocktails or iced coffees

Most people like to do an initial food shop with their family on the day that they move in.

Biscuits and snacks are a great way to make sure you always have something in the cupboard if you are hungry but they're also a great way to make friends with your housemates!

Don't forget to buy anti-bacterial cleaner to keep your cooking space sanitary and clean.

A lot of students like to take a wok as they are so versatile and can help you cook many dishes. If you have a flat bottomed one, you can even fry an egg in there!

Laundry Essentials

  • Washing Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Clothes Airer (remember you'll have to store this somewhere in your room!)
  • Change for the washing machine, or download the laundry app

It is a common problem that when you go to use the Vacuum Cleaner it absolutely smells! This is because the hoover bag hasn't been changed for a very long time, you may consider buying a new set of bags or splitting the cost with your new housemates.

You will rarely need an iron and definitely won't need an ironing board.

Beauty and Skincare

  • A hairdryer, straightener, curling iron (be vigilant and turn these off!)
  • Hairbrushes and Combs
  • Hair Oil, Masks and Treatments
  • Face masks - great for the day after a big evening out!
  • Make Up and Make Up Remover
  • A wash bag for transporting your items to the bathroom
  • Tweezers, eyelash curlers, beauty scissors, nail cutters
  • Razers, Shaving Cream, Hair Removal Wax (if applicable)
  • Sanitary products
  • Plasters and a small first aid kit
  • Skincare routine items including moisturiser, toner, spot cream!
  • Body moisturiser
  • Sudo Creme - it fixes everything including burns!
  • Contact Lens, Contact Lens Solution, Glasses (if applicable)


  • Your own stash of Toilet Roll (as people don't tend to replenish the communal ones!)
  • Hand Soap and Hand Sanitiser
  • A Dressing Gown if you need to walk from the bathroom back to your room and for when the fire alarm goes off!
  • Flip Flops can be a lifesaver if you share a communal bathroom!
  • A bath mat that you can take to the shower with you
  • Antibacterial Spray - again great to spray around your communal shower before getting in!
  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Dental Floss
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Towels, Hand Towel, Flannel
  • Air-freshener or a plug in air freshener - great for communal spaces
  • A Shower Cap for days when you don't wan to wash your hair

    Remember to take contraceptive pills and condoms if you are planning to have sex during your time at University. You may also want to look at STI testing kits or get tested if you are sexually active before you go and in between partners.


    • Highlighters
    • Arch files and plastic wallets to organise module notes
    • Ruler
    • Scissors, Stapler, Hole Punch
    • Academic Diary that starts from September
    • Notebooks, Habit Trackers, Organisers
    • Post It Notes and Revision Cards
    • A4 Plain and Lined Paper to make notes and revise
    • Laptop case to protect your computer when taking it to lectures
    • A calculator (if applicable)
    • A Reusable Water Bottle and Coffee Mug for stints in the library and lectures
    • Some books to read for pleasure if you have time!
    • A bag to carry your books to lectures

    Bringing relevant study books is great but there will be plenty of time to borrow these books from the library once you settle in. This will also ensure that you purchase the correct edition of each book.


    • A plug socket adapter if the country you are going to University in is different from your home country
    • An External Hardrive 
    • Extension Leads (so you can 100% charge your phone next to your bed!)
    • External Speakers for your laptop to turn up music or Netflix!
    • Extra phone chargers as you will lose them!
    • Comfortable over-the-ear headphones
    • An Ethernet Cable to get the best internet speed

      If you bring a Television, you will need to purchase a TV license if you are watching BBC, ITV or Channel 4. 

      There are printers available on campus, it is rare for someone to bring their own as they are costly especially when replacing ink cartridges.

      Some University's have rules about having kettles in your bedroom, but if you are allowed it may be a great way to make a morning cup of tea or a late night coffee when studying.


      • Ben Linen
      • Coat Hangers
      • Pillows and a Duvet
      • Additional storage boxes (great for shoes or all your notes!)
      • Photographs of your family and friends
      • A bedside lamp/desk lamp for when the "Big Light" becomes too much"
      • A laundry basket - one with separate baskets for whites and darks is helpful!
      • A full length mirror as these usually aren't provided
      • A fan for the summer months as halls get very warm!
      • Slippers - great for walking in untidy communal spaces.
      • A lighter for candles (please be vigilant and check your University's rules for this)
      • Religious texts (if important to you)
      • If you don't sleep with your phone, a separate alarm clock
      • A plant! Or you will buy cactuses during the Freshers Fair!
      • Some posters, a rug and fairy lights to brighten up your bedroom

      Remember you might need to stash the University provided bedding somewhere for the duration of your first year.

      If you are transporting your clothes and items to University in large suitcases, remember you will have to store these somewhere in your room too.


      • A fancy dress outfit (because there's always a costume party in Freshers week!)
      • A pack of cards or a game to bring out if you need an ice-breaker 
      • A gym kit or swimming kit if you plan to join a club
      • Your Musical Instrument
      • If you have a games console, bring it along as it's a great way to make friends in your halls.

      Think about what clubs you want to join, if you want to join sailing bring your wetsuit or if you want to go on the ski trip bring your ski gear.

      Important Items

      • Any medicine you are taking
      • You University Offer letter/email
      • Your Passport
      • Valid ID i.e. Driver's License
      • Documents to register at the campus GP surgery
      • Accommodation Offer letter/email
      • Content Insurance documents (if applicable)
      • Student Finance documents/email
      • Vaccination History (you will usually be asked to bring this with you)
      • Passport style photos in case you need a new University ID card/Gym membership card etc...
      • A keyring that will stop you losing your keys!
      • Your NHS Medical number
      • Your National Insurance Number
      • An Oyster travel card if you are in London
      • A bank statement to prove your address if needed
      • Copies of your exam certificates or portfolio if you need them

      International students may need to also bring VISA documentation, travel insurance, proof of funds and £ cash.

      What To Take To University Checklist For Freshers - What To Take To University Checklist For Freshers

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